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February 27, 2016

from an earlier conversation with a friend

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“You know how some people have their minds in the gutter?

Well, I AM the sewer dwelling mermaid that looks up at the sniveling lying weasels in the gutter with contemptuous distaste. I own my pervy shit, Ma’m. I would totally watch you eat a clementine! “

February 26, 2016

ponder this

February 22, 2016

the end of your world

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Some are too fucking ignorant and arrogant to realize that life is short. Ironically their only touch with existentialism’s darker side is realizing that they could totally fit YOLO on their left knuckles too and peeing still hurts.


February 21, 2016

on dietary choices and religious repercussions

“Surely i’m going to hell for this. But at least I smell pleasantly of bacon and stifled agony!”


“I have no secrets from you…”

I have no secrets from you they say. Maybe it’s just my lousy experiences of the past, but this statement equates to “my pants are around my ankles.” And it always comes down to one of the three things:

1 – you and your confidant are looking at an enjoyable experience involving trust.

2 –  you are looking at a great deal of embarrassment.

3 – you’re getting fucked, and not in a nice way.

Ya’ll need to stop and listen.

… and because one good turn deserves another, and believe me this one deserves it’s turn oh so very very much:

February 20, 2016

deep thought nine

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There are so many creative human activities that can be compared to farting. The way it usually goes is “let it happen, otherwise it will be shit!.”1456005567052

February 19, 2016

Your internet is nice…


Laughing - Grinning Dog

February 17, 2016

politeness is a fucking burden


from an earlier conversation


martial art of reputable place of employment

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