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October 31, 2017

On world rocking.

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Please note that this is an expressed opinion and in no way a direction of what to do with your life.
Pass the pasta, please.

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October 18, 2017

Group politics and scrotums

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By providing benefit to A Group we deprive B Group of same benefit. Unless Group A was previously deprived of benefit in an unjust manner and it was returned to this Group A. Unless it is done at the expense of Group B. In which case Group B is deprived of benefit and becomes Group A, while Group B elevates into status of Group A (becoming Group A). If looked at with consideration of timeline, this status shift is perpetual and resembles a pendulum. It takes a while to reach equilibrium, and history shows that such balance is fragile, failing to human element’s shortcomings.
Earlier I unfollowed another person on FB over a pretty bashy post/repost of some anti-men crap … which was cheered on by a bunch of angries.
Never you mind that had anything of sorts been posted targeting women, they would all get triggered, have a seizure of feels, and start calling for blood and tears of all men.
whatever happened to “do onto others” idea? Whatever happened to attempt at fairness? I found this repost upsetting and instead of saying anything I just unfollowed the guy because arguing with people’s belief is like pissing in the wind – no matter if you are right or wrong, if you are trying to show a different side of whatever action that’s being taken by a group trying to reinforce their own belief, all you will get is a face full of piss and get branded as a criminal.
I think I’ve dabbled in this route long enough to tell you safely that all I can do is avoid all these exchanges and worry about my own world by keeping these warped and twisted hypocrites away from myself and my house. As I recall there was some old bit of wisdom about that. “You can only change yourself.” Let them ruin the world. We will all be dead in a few decades anyway. I do not think their gender-bashing will matter when they unplug my unresponsive skinsuit.

Pro-Woman is not Anti-Men. Their words, not mine. They like to forget that. I don’t.

October 11, 2017

needs more parfait

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I need a polebarn. About 50x100ft with 16ft tall walls. All insulated, heated, and airconditioned. With solar panels on the roof to supplement power.
And a chocolate cookie parfait. I have the parfait. Just need that polebarn.
Three of those. I mean two barns and one parfait. Since I am in possession of one chocolate cookie parfait, I just need me the two polebarns. At least one polebarn if I cannot have two.
I am willing to part ways with said chocolate cookie parfait if I can have a reasonable explanation for the outrage of angries about too much sexy female form and too much male roles in the new blade runner sequel.
On second thought – never mind that outrage explanation. Parfait is more important than their impotent tantrum.
*eating me parfait and thinking polebarns*

March 6, 2016

random bit from an earlier conversation with a friend

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” I just invented a spinach pie sandwich which is sandwich but without pie crust. Ciabatta bread instead. Oh my dear fluffy lord I am so disgustingly fat now. I would go drown but my buoyancy is not allowing me to sink. So I flop on a surface like some kind of a pale whale designed by Durer…. with a mouth full of spinach and feta cheese. I am disgusting”

February 29, 2016

from an earlier conversation

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“…in this country you have to issue a stack of warning labels as big as yellow pages when you give someone a lollypop!”

February 26, 2016

ponder this

February 21, 2016

on dietary choices and religious repercussions

“Surely i’m going to hell for this. But at least I smell pleasantly of bacon and stifled agony!”


February 17, 2016

politeness is a fucking burden


January 25, 2016

smart weapons?

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Some time ago I have read this book called Boomer Bible (ISBN978-1563050756 if you are interested). I remembered a few quotes from it, and this particular quote stood out in my memory:

When he had come upon 
the earth, the b ape was 
naked and afraid. For comfort he 
picked up a 'stick, chewed the 
end to a point, and d stuck it in a 
nearby living thing'. 

2 When the living thing died, 
transfixed by the stick, the ape 
ate of its flesh and soon con- 
ceived a great hunger for the 
death of 'other living things. 

3 8 Thereupon the ape made 
many pointed sticks and stuck 
them into great multitudes of 
h other living things, including, 
on occasion, 'other apes.

This popped up in my memory when I stumbled upon a news article about people protesting development of autonomous weapon systems.

They worry about smart weapons? Oh do shut up! I am not even going to post any of the links with info relating to landmines.
Yeah, stop worrying so god damn much about “smart” weapons and worry about dumb area-denial weapons.
Landmines should be outlawed. ALL of them.

September 7, 2015

Carnage (2011)

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I threw up. a little.
So you stand up for what you believe in, right?
Hey, just a thought – when you stick your nose in other people’s business and start telling them that your moral convictions are holier and they should follow, and when they do not, you try to shame them, and when that fails, you try to politicize your convictions to MAKE THEM, and then you make your convictions into a law…
You are just as big of a problem as those other people. You.Fix.NOTHING~!
You fail.
You just wasted a shitload of your life-hours on making other people miserable and you only made yourself dead in the end.
Surely you have made A Change to better suit Your justification.


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