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February 17, 2016

politeness is a fucking burden


January 25, 2016

smart weapons?

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Some time ago I have read this book called Boomer Bible (ISBN978-1563050756 if you are interested). I remembered a few quotes from it, and this particular quote stood out in my memory:

When he had come upon 
the earth, the b ape was 
naked and afraid. For comfort he 
picked up a 'stick, chewed the 
end to a point, and d stuck it in a 
nearby living thing'. 

2 When the living thing died, 
transfixed by the stick, the ape 
ate of its flesh and soon con- 
ceived a great hunger for the 
death of 'other living things. 

3 8 Thereupon the ape made 
many pointed sticks and stuck 
them into great multitudes of 
h other living things, including, 
on occasion, 'other apes.

This popped up in my memory when I stumbled upon a news article about people protesting development of autonomous weapon systems.

They worry about smart weapons? Oh do shut up! I am not even going to post any of the links with info relating to landmines.
Yeah, stop worrying so god damn much about “smart” weapons and worry about dumb area-denial weapons.
Landmines should be outlawed. ALL of them.

September 7, 2015

Carnage (2011)

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I threw up. a little.
So you stand up for what you believe in, right?
Hey, just a thought – when you stick your nose in other people’s business and start telling them that your moral convictions are holier and they should follow, and when they do not, you try to shame them, and when that fails, you try to politicize your convictions to MAKE THEM, and then you make your convictions into a law…
You are just as big of a problem as those other people. You.Fix.NOTHING~!
You fail.
You just wasted a shitload of your life-hours on making other people miserable and you only made yourself dead in the end.
Surely you have made A Change to better suit Your justification.


Fat Shaming

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No. Not shaming. Stating fact. You feel ashamed – that’s on you. Ponder this.

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