my brain just threw up a little…

October 9, 2013

THAT is how it’s done!

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June 30, 2013

related (see below) (-er)

June 24, 2013

It’s a good thing they did not have to build a laptop.

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June 21, 2013

flying bike?

watch this – we are truly impressed

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June 5, 2013

Made by Jack Churchill

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April 25, 2013

seven wine glasses

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April 10, 2013

possible upgrade for my bike, no?

this will be needing some waterproofing

April 1, 2013

To the previous owner who removed heated grips from my bike.

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Dear previous owner of my bike,

die of herpes.

March 30, 2013

cold weather gear testing

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I just came back from a two hour long ride. Cold weather gear is holding up as good as expected. Well, almost as good as expected. I am not sure how cold it was, but there was frost on cars and grass when I left, and my truck is still covered in frost right now. Gloves took some getting used to because of their insulated clumsiness, and even with those gloves my fingertips were still terribly cold after an hour. I actually stopped in a friends driveway to warm up my hands. Once I have heated grips taken care of, I am certain that my fingertips will remain warm and flexible.

Pants were most excellent for comfort and warmth. Liner helps a great deal. More pockets would not hurt.

Mask/scarf thing – a good thing to have. It did help reducing fogging up of my visor, but I still crack the visor open at low speeds.

Boots did not show up yet, but I will try them out as soon a they arrive.

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