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October 18, 2017

Group politics and scrotums

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By providing benefit to A Group we deprive B Group of same benefit. Unless Group A was previously deprived of benefit in an unjust manner and it was returned to this Group A. Unless it is done at the expense of Group B. In which case Group B is deprived of benefit and becomes Group A, while Group B elevates into status of Group A (becoming Group A). If looked at with consideration of timeline, this status shift is perpetual and resembles a pendulum. It takes a while to reach equilibrium, and history shows that such balance is fragile, failing to human element’s shortcomings.
Earlier I unfollowed another person on FB over a pretty bashy post/repost of some anti-men crap … which was cheered on by a bunch of angries.
Never you mind that had anything of sorts been posted targeting women, they would all get triggered, have a seizure of feels, and start calling for blood and tears of all men.
whatever happened to “do onto others” idea? Whatever happened to attempt at fairness? I found this repost upsetting and instead of saying anything I just unfollowed the guy because arguing with people’s belief is like pissing in the wind – no matter if you are right or wrong, if you are trying to show a different side of whatever action that’s being taken by a group trying to reinforce their own belief, all you will get is a face full of piss and get branded as a criminal.
I think I’ve dabbled in this route long enough to tell you safely that all I can do is avoid all these exchanges and worry about my own world by keeping these warped and twisted hypocrites away from myself and my house. As I recall there was some old bit of wisdom about that. “You can only change yourself.” Let them ruin the world. We will all be dead in a few decades anyway. I do not think their gender-bashing will matter when they unplug my unresponsive skinsuit.

Pro-Woman is not Anti-Men. Their words, not mine. They like to forget that. I don’t.

October 16, 2017

Thought on random matter

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“We are all made of stars.” So are the severed heads and whoever severed them. We are ALL made of stars. Not sure how I feel about that.

October 11, 2017

needs more parfait

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I need a polebarn. About 50x100ft with 16ft tall walls. All insulated, heated, and airconditioned. With solar panels on the roof to supplement power.
And a chocolate cookie parfait. I have the parfait. Just need that polebarn.
Three of those. I mean two barns and one parfait. Since I am in possession of one chocolate cookie parfait, I just need me the two polebarns. At least one polebarn if I cannot have two.
I am willing to part ways with said chocolate cookie parfait if I can have a reasonable explanation for the outrage of angries about too much sexy female form and too much male roles in the new blade runner sequel.
On second thought – never mind that outrage explanation. Parfait is more important than their impotent tantrum.
*eating me parfait and thinking polebarns*

September 27, 2017

alright, this is just fucking creepy

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I went to check the prices on replacement lower bags for this sawdust collector on amazon. When I was done and was about to close the page I noticed something seemingly out of place that was in the “Sponsored products related to this item” section. Among power switches, router tables, remote power breakers, vacuum hoses, and cut-off guards… there was an 8×10 picture of Kirsten Dunst. (priced at $6.89 she looks weird too… like someone cracked her upside the neck with a 2×4 while she was taking her pants off). Dear Amazon, wtf are you saying?


April 28, 2017


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it’s been a busy year.

too busy


imagine a picture of my left foot.



move along!

March 7, 2016

Someone please drop this on Facebox.

Why is THIS not trending all over FaceBox?

Dear Gods!

Dear Gods,

You are asked for money by everyone. Even those assholes who already have a ton stuck in their crack.
Ah! but how many promise you to erect a Temple to Small Gods? See what I mean? Let’s have that winning lottery ticket and ignore the dejavu involving horrible ass-cancer and another divorce, what do you say?

much love

March 6, 2016

random bit from an earlier conversation with a friend

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” I just invented a spinach pie sandwich which is sandwich but without pie crust. Ciabatta bread instead. Oh my dear fluffy lord I am so disgustingly fat now. I would go drown but my buoyancy is not allowing me to sink. So I flop on a surface like some kind of a pale whale designed by Durer…. with a mouth full of spinach and feta cheese. I am disgusting”

Well, that’s HOCward


If it looks like a medic… it might shoot your dumb ass for assuming.

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I cannot drive away from this store because my way is blocked by a cart full of groceries. Some greens, some toiletries, some stuff breakfast cereal, some frozen veggies and diet pop at the bottom. I see two kids in their early teens. The older kid is up to his ears in the cell phone and pays no attention whatsoever. The younger one is dangling off the side of the cart like a robber from a train. He is already taller than his mom who is pushing the cart. Mom… Her shoes, her pants, her jacket, her everything speaks comfort and confidence even though she’s only 4 foot nothing and maybe a buck 20 wet. Not a chihuahua confidence that is a reaction to being afraid. No, her projected confidence is as natural as it gets. Why is she so comfortable? Everything about her Screams medic. She’s a medic. She’s a nurse. She’s a professional in the medical field. She has very comfortable shoes, her nails are short, her stride is confident, and of course she has a bottle of disinfectant dangling off her large keychain. Instead of expected minivan she is throwing almost everything from that cart into the back of the SUV one handed. The boys are helping but it is obvious that she is very strong. My eyes begin to drift away from the nurse-mom, when I see something that changes the entire picture and turns everything upside down. When she climbs into the driver seat of the SUV her coat rides up and I plainly see a well-worn holster and the upper-receiver of a service pistol. I can see armory label on the mag. She is either a cop or a fed or some other authorized entity. My inner retard just piped up with “Move along! Nothing to see!” and I moved on.

Live and learn… you just never know who is who.

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