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July 30, 2009


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great line!

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“Hey, you want ‘Angry Sex’ – go fuck a badger!”

some quote

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“Best lived life is that which would be too embarrassing to describe, and very pleasant to remember”

(no clue, saw that at some blog’s butt-end, thought it was cute…)

July 27, 2009

cool shot

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very cool shot ganked from


ah… more pranks!

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I love these guys… what a way to tell someone to eat a bowl of dick and die.

bump that =)


better office pranks

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A couple of weeks ago, one of our bosses was leaving for a vacation. So in the spirit of a good prank he tin-foiled maintenance office. Wrapped everything in tin-foil. Floor, items, monitors etcetcetc. A day before he came back our maintenance team returned the prank (also in good spirits, I believe) by removing this fellows office door and drywalling and painting over it. It was like magic. Door was gone, and there was nothing but a bare painted wall, as if the door was never there. Priceless!


July 24, 2009

just an idea

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Dating sites got it all wrong… this is what should happen at dating sites. Men leave their information on a page and from that point on are not allowed to do anything else. Women disclose none of their information, and have full access to all the men info. Men are not allowed to initiate contact. All the initial contact is left up to women. The only thing men may do is reply to messages sent to them by those interested women. Also! Women are encouraged to write reviews for different men. Factual only and readable by any person willing to spend time on profile..

Come on! as long as we are playing meat-market, lets be chivalrous and let the ladies make their choices. No pressure!

And you know what’s really awesome about this? Once ladies realize that this concepts attracts more men than any other meat-market out there, they will come, and look for that one worthy their attention.

And whoever designed this weirdness will sit back and laugh.

a complaint?

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oh dear… you complained to me that you do not understand what it is that I write about. I am not sorry. I write this bleargh because… nono, wait, not “because” but “what for” – it is a better question to ask when you are trying to get to reasons and motivations/motives behind things. What am I writing this for? I am writing all this to satisfy the urge of being creative and to vomit this venomous dislike for humans onto this screen, rather than in the face of those around me. I know I am a bitter old son of a bitch, but I care for my friends and family too much to get in their shit with both feet and do a jig while telling them about their shortcomings. Besides, I have plenty of my own shortcomings to deal with. That’s what I am writing all this for. And I ended that with a preposition. You do not like it? That’s just too damn bad. Get a sock.

So as you can see, I only need to justify my writ to myself. You feel like complaining to me? That’s just tough. Go hug a moving train.

July 23, 2009

You got 30 minutes ™

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stuck finishing stuff up at work. Hungry. Ordered pizza from

Slogan “You got 30 minutes ™” is on a few visible spots on order confirmation page. I doubt I am the first one to think of that, but I wondered if those in charge at ever read “Snowcrash.”

just a thought…

on dreams

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It is not the best idea to leave your nicotine patch on your skin when you go to bed. Most people I spoke with who managed to do that actually ended up having some very interesting active dreams. Some even said that they have left the patch on to get those dreams. I think my dreams from last night are induced by that stupid patch. At least I tell myself that they are because I refuse to think that my brain would ever produce anything THAT crazy. Oh well… Maybe my brain is really misfiring and dreams of this sort are always there, and I just manage to remember them clearly? I never had dreams based on Terry Pratchett writing. I am a big fan of his work though. I have no other explanation for Stoneface Vimes narrating my dream like some Ghostly Faustus walking me through the cobblestones of city sealed in a glass box. Way, WAY weird. There were foxes too… the talking kind. **shrug** more later…

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