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August 28, 2009

on a tee

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“I will eat your parts like Dr Lecter…”

August 27, 2009

on matters of age

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Last time I asked my doctor how to improve my intimate life and general well-being he said “Get a shovel and start digging.”


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It’s a game in the game in the game in the game…. This film is awesome. If you like spy-flicks, go rent it and see it.

Aside from that – that Julia Roberts is certainly hot, but she’s got a huge mouth! I’d bet you could… nono, never mind that!

Good film! Worth your money. If you think otherwise – too damn bad. Blow it out of your ass!

August 24, 2009

Dear Sir…

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Dear Sir,

Please choke on some elephant dung.

Much Love


August 13, 2009


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August 3, 2009

technology amusement.

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Yesterday I paused for a moment to reflect on the fact that just in my lifetime I saw phones with rotary dials, calculation machines with perfo-cards, and teletypes at post-offices with armed guards next to them. I saw telegrams being sent. I saw payphones duped with re-dialers imitating sound of coins being dropped.
So I paused because I was having a typed conversation from a unit no bigger than a pack of smokes while standing on the deck of my condo. I was conversing with a person who was using even a smaller unit, and she was on a train, half way around the world, going from some shit-hole in France to Amsterdam, I think.

August 1, 2009

Daily Crazies

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Every day I end up with a heap of these genuinely funny, amazingly insane, and at least thought provoking things. So I pondered some and decided to just start piling those crazies into this once/day-ish pile of links, pics, and random copy-pasta.

whose idea was that?

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