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September 5, 2009


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yeah, I know, weird, right?  “Bidet” is pronounced the same as “B-day.”

For those unaware of such thing as “bidet” – google is your friend.

If you are too lazy to google, you may just be too lazy to use that “bidet” thing… If that’s the case – stay the fuck off my couch!

Much Love…

September 4, 2009


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B–day. Long day at work. A whole ton of people sent me BdayGrats on FB. Cool. I did not expect that, it was nice. Now I am lounging at home, with a 1/2 bottle of stoli, my dog, and a kilt. Hey! Fuck off! It puts me in the Pennsic mood. If you do not like it, blow it outta your ass and bite on it. I missed War this year, and the least I can do is compensate with a little ambiance for my fucking Bday. You do not think highly of it? If so, please refer to that “Fuck Off” line just above.

Tired. Tired and content. I am hoping for more hours soon. I so could use those right now.  Yeah, money. I actually considered dropping 10USD on that mega-millions lotto that was up to some ridiculous 330mil. Old Man said that the sum was split between some jerkoffs from NY and Cali. Oh well. Here is to them getting fat and hit by a bus. Twice, to be sure that their families really have something to argue about. WTF would they do with that load of cash? Really… just how much do you NEED?  WTF would I do with that pile of cash? pay everything off. Ok, now what? Please do not misunderstand, I am well aware of my WANTS. Dear Fluffy Lord did not go shy handing out that Imagination thing when I was made. What of my WANTS would I want to spend money on, really?  Banging some supermodel while skydiving naked on E? With Zombo watching it as he is being submerged into a tub of champagne by three naughty blindfolded nurses? All in slo-mo projected on the huge screen above the entrance to a TajMahal replica built out of Denny’s spoons in my castles backyard? That’s a garage for my Rolls painted like a brown cow, btw. Not imaginative enough? Please refer to that “Fuck Off” line just above.

Bday. No, I did not drop my 10USD into the mega-millions lotto. That’s just dumb. I have a better chance of getting fucked in the ear by a rampaging rhino. Hmm… I wonder how she is doing? Hmm… on second thought – I do not!

Oh well, back to my quiet celebration. Dog gets more sausages. Happy stinky =)

You have a problem with that? Please refer to… yeah, you know.


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