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November 9, 2009

on building things…

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from earlier conversation with a co-worker:

“don’t ask about fixination and builtination. Answer is really long and is so thickly covered in lies and deceit, that no one ever gets to see the underlying psychosis of mine. It involves a serious aversion to over-sized ladies underwear”

November 8, 2009

movie trivia of sorts…

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“Get Carter” with Silvester Stallone, remember that bar owner played by Michael Cain? (Brumby I think)

Something I did not know and just found out – there was another release of Get Carter in 1967 (watching it right now) – guess who was playing Jack Carter back then. Yes, Michael Cain.

(correction, imdb has this flick listed in 1971, not 67)

November 7, 2009

random blah

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if I am seeing a chiropractor, why is my back still fuckered up? I must be getting old.

Can you ever smell parties you were not invited to, when you notice that 1/2 the friends about you suddenly do not answer their phones. Feels dumb bitching about it, but sometimes one could really use some company.

“I AM THE BEST MAD GERMAN SCIENTIST YOU GOT!!!” (from earlier conversation with my dog. I was doing dishes when she questioned my authority on disinfectants.)

Sylvester Stallone has funny ears. They are not malformed, really, they just look funny.

From an earlier conversation with a fem friend on WoW.

Friend. “You are doing this whole thing with being unfriendly to women so they see you as some kind of a hard to get.”

Me. “no, i really do not like games, I am thoroughly disappointed in women, and I really have no desire for men.”

Friend. “whatever you are not fooling anyone.”


Dog is angry that making doggy-food is taking time to make. Someone should point out the number of cookies she gets while there is no doggy food is about ten-fold what it normally is.

Dear Fluffy Lord, she needs no more cookies. She is too damn fat.  Laff, I think she might fuck a friend of mine and divorce me after, too.

November 6, 2009

small stuff that apparently matters

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November 5, 2009

sinus infection crazy head thing

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werk… head is swimmy. In about three hours there will be home, hot shower, soup, dog, tea, games, porn, soup, tea, dog, sleep, soup, shower, sleep, tea, dog, soup, tea, porn, games, soup, dog, sleep, sleep, fish, tea, soup, sleep, so on

November 1, 2009


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