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December 19, 2009

marketplace opera

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… and when was the last time you saw or even heard of something like this?

Handing out glasses with champagne during drinking song from la traviata and dancing with the crowd – how awesome is that!

December 15, 2009


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sleep. blessed sleep. whole 14 hrs of it. still feeling like I am about to keel over. drowning everything in tea and soup. there is such thing as too much soup. you know it when it splashes in the back of your throat. back to bed. just got a hold of three people to come see me today. thats a really dumb idea, but I could use some company. hot shower later, for now its a dog and more sleep. this is the third time this fall/winter that this cold is getting me off guard. wtf… i should quit smoking, it will improve things. yesterday at work my head was just being hellish and heavy and did not work at all. I left early hoping to sleep it all off. that didn’t work. i should call doc in AM. actually, I should call doc now and schedule for AM. sleep first. no. docs first. damn be the puctuation. you don’t like it – dont read it.


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I am pretty sure I’ve seen something like this used as a prop in a porn flick

(yes, safe for work)

December 9, 2009

no title, really

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no sleep. dog is sick. belly hard as a brick and swollen. She has no appetite. Barely drinks water. Blood pressure seems ok. no obvious ouchies. Taking her to the vet’s first thing… wait, it already is morning. What time vet will be there, I wonder.
Last night at work things were pretty crazy. I hate stressing out on things that should be simple. You know that hideous feeling you get when you think you just didn’t do enough? I am told this is “the underlying source of a guilt-trip called work ethics.” Thanks, man! I needed to hear that. Now go ahead and tell my boss that.
four hours on a build that should’ve been under two hours. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Ironically, I knocked out the following four servers and kicked and started post in under four hours. Maybe its a matter of perception. They better fix my dog, she whimpers like a crying child – this is the worst ever. I will so sleep after work. Oh wait, I said that yesterday too, hehehe. Another hour and calling the vet.
Hey! its Jim’s Bday! I should drop him a line.

December 7, 2009

in good with the dead stuff

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i think morticians, pathologists, and funeral home directors a more comfortable with idea of death not because they toss stiffs all day, but because they have some kind of a subconsious idea that because they deal with things of death more than anyone else they have it in good with Death.

Almost as though Charon will high-five their dead paw and cheerfully yelp “Alright! You’ve made it! Great to see you! We saved you a good spot! Get onboard, I’ll get you there right quick, no extra stops! Neah, keep the two coins, you do not need to tip me, hahaha! Yeah, you can smoke here. Want something to drink? Man, it is really good to see you. A bus got you, eh? Oh well, that’s in the past now. Missis will be happy to see you. Mind your arms there…”

Or maybe they are just ok with being no more. Not feeling too tied to this mortal coil? Just more used to the idea that being alive is a good option, and being dead is… well… not being, and that’s not an entirely the strangest thing.

Not sure about that. I’ll let you know when I die.

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