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April 6, 2010

are you really…?

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Remember that part in Fight Club when main character says “I felt like destroying something beautiful.” This just goes to prove that in our lifetime we ALL approach that very thin line between “really feeling something emotional” and “telling ourselves that we feel something emotional knowing that we should feel something emotional.” In doing so we actually cross over into a land of psychopathy where emotions are stored in the storefronts, and we are like angry children outside these storefronts trying to break the glass when no one is looking and laughing when they look.

April 5, 2010

your stupidity will not save you

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Let me see if I get this right. Legalization of marijuana is not exactly set in stone. People smoke ganja all over the place. Not everyone. Some folk dodge weed like it’s a hand-grenade dipped in AIDS from what I hear. Others see it as a panacea for everything from glaucoma to ass-warts. Some yell about how liberating and spiritual their pot-experience is/was, and how they are now closer to gods and tie-dyed is the newest black. Others eyeball them with suspicion and sincere disbelief expecting horns, hooves, psychosis, gateways, and Reefer-Madness all over the place with naked flaming babies being catapulted into the midnight sky by their stoned mothers.

After all it is irrelevant who is right and who is wrong about cannabis and its effects when there is a law prohibiting possession with intent to distribute said drug. That’s right, it is illegal unless you are a merchant licensed to sell said substance.

So… let me see if I get this right. You know that your 18 year old, wankster, hip-hopping ass is in danger of getting picked on by the cops in that ass-wipe suburban village of yours. You act like a fucking retard getting yourself escorted back home by the cops how many times exactly? Never mind that… you get singled out and popped by local cops like a festering zit on a sloppy ass of that suburban community for being in a house that  got trashed by some partying kids and for driving and damaging a vehicle that was not yours and that belongs to the owner of that house that’s being trashed by your friends. That’s real smooth, kid! You drove with no license. You drove someones vehicle. You were at a party where 100 some odd kids were trashing someones house. How much of a moron are you, kid? You see those “friends” of yours trashing someone’s house. You know that cops have your face memorized. You know that they will look for SOMEONE to pin this on, and you still get in that fucking vehicle to drive?! You deserve getting fucked, you fucking moron! So your folks pull all manner of magic and luck trying to get you out of this fucking mess. And they do. It was a good time for you to at least pretend to not be a complete asshole, and to lay low and the fuck out of sight of local PD so they don’t trip over your dumb ass with congregated pile of stoners holding your cock on every god damned corner of that piece of shit town! And what do you do?! You fucking insolent twat! You get busted with a bag, scale, and a pipe in your car on the school grounds! Your family is stuck with more bail and lawyer bills than they could possibly ever afford, and your unemployed ass would not be able to arrange his own bail. You are a fucking retard, kid! This is no longer cute, do you understand?! If I hear as much as a whisper of your continued stupidity landing on your father’s shoulders, I will go there and I will stop you no matter how much of this yoga-infested liberal pissing and educational whining will be coming out of your mother, you pathetic cowardly fuck. You have made me angry, and I am a hair of my ass away from setting things right. I care for your father too god damned much to watch you ruin this family and what little peace they try to make for themselves. If I were you, I would be on the first bus to the nearest recruiting station begging to get shipped out to some shithole of this earth to get shot at, for as near as I can tell, this is your only saving grace, you cowardly piece of human fucking refuse.

Yes, cowardly, for it takes a man with a somewhat balls to live a life that is not a stoners excuse for existing another day, and it surely takes a better man to answer for their own fuckups.

You are wrong. I am right. Fuck you.

April 1, 2010

random quote

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“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.”


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Yesterday my friend says to me “your crazy head is a scary place”

I replied with “It is not really scary. It’s just… like a box of Forrest Gumps”

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