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July 2, 2010

holy folk

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2000 years past and they are still biting nails…

“The Aristocrats.”

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5pm. Bar. Some coked up guy who thinks himself a hardcore gang-banger runs out into the street infuriated by a droll of a man with a music box and monkey on top of it. Charges at the music-box-man on the corner brandishing a pistol, gets hit by a car, drops the gun as he goes through the windshield head first killing the driver with the big-bling-$ made of 2lbs of pure polished brass. Car swerves away at 50mph and hits a crazy old cat-lady near the bus-stop. A stolen can of sardines catapults out of her pocket and hits the music-box man in the throat, sending him to his knees clawing at his crushed windpipe to no avail. Gang-bangers gun spins majestically through the air and hits a side of the building and fires. Bullet blows through the fez on monkeys head and hits a jumper who was getting lonely on the parapet of the office building waiting for attention. Jumper falls into an ice-cream truck putting an end to the ever annoying jingle along with drivers ability to breathe. Ice-cream truck rolls out into the middle of the intersection, gets dodged by the fuel tanker, and goes through the front window of an adult boutique. Fuel tanker hits a few newspaper boxes blowing them apart and sending heaps of newspaper flying. Open newspaper sheet plasters to the windshield of the tanker and its driver unable to see slams on his breaks. Tanker veers to the left and hits a lightpost shearing it off the foundation and sending it into the nearest apartments bathroom breaking floors and dislodging a claw-footed tub. Tub with two male hookers and an elderly sombrero wearing gentlemen slides out of the building and lands on the car with a lawyer in it. Startled monkey flings a paw full of poop at some middle-aged jogger who looses step and falls into the road. Cab driver swerves to avoid hitting the middle-aged jogger and hits the tanker. Raw sewage explodes out of the tanker and covers everything. Monkey runs off with an ice-cream and sewage covered dildo in one paw and dragging the music box with another.

Owner of the adult boutique mutters one word.

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