my brain just threw up a little…

August 30, 2010

weirdness in dreams

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from a dream.

C1 walks me into his office someplace between HDPs common area and Mics tent. He shows me  to a seat made out of an old weapon-crate and talks to me about NickP while pointing at a monitor. Nothing appears on the monitor until he starts talking about what I should see on the monitor. From what I see I begin to understand that this is a gas-station that sells booze and that NickP is having a serious problem.  NickP is stealing booze and is drinking it at the beginning of his shift while on the clock. I woke up trying to tell NickP that this is a bad idea.

C1 is NOT managing a store, and his office is not in a tent some 400mi away…

NickP is NOT drinking and is NOT working retail selling booze…

I need to get more sleeps!

August 19, 2010

I can breathe.

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meds – gotta love ’em when they work. I can breathe. I think C’thulu crawled out of my lungs last night while I was sleeping.
Speaking of big monster things – it sounds like Godzilla is shagging a dumpster across the parking lot. No idea what the real source of that dreadful noise is, but I think I should grab a box of kleenex with me before I leave for work. (for my nose, not for godzilla and his dumpster. besides… godzilla might need more than a box of kleenex)

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