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November 8, 2010

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Starting night-shift tonight. Working nights is going to suck, but it will add to my paycheck and it will help a great deal. Hopefully after new years I will get on the morning shift and with normal schedule and some extra cash things will start to look up a bit and there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to wrestle myself to bed after work and I have to wrestle myself out of bed at a reasonable hour to get to work on time. Last time I worked night shift I damn near gave myself a heart-attack with energy drinks. It was not a pleasant experience, is all I am saying! And what’s with eating junk?! Geez, its getting to me. House is a mess. I mean a MESS! I must clean up and the sooner I do it the better off I will be inside my own head. Mess is getting to me, and it has been for sometime now. November 8th. Someone’s Bday. Why do I bother remembering. It is so not important. It is so… obsolete? Some wet fart from the past is all this is anymore. Funny that she was the one to say to me that my paranoia is my own undoing. Same woman who banged two other dudes while in her tenure with Yours Truly. Amusement never stops. Oh well, off the barge she went into some waters blahblahblah… off the fucking barge! Tons of repairs to do in my house. Hopefully there will be enough motivation and resources to get things done. Relationship is in some weird place right now. Not sure if it is safe to breathe or fart and at what hour. If I show some anger (no matter how justified) – I am a giant asshole. If I show some affection – I am a giant clingy asshole. wtf… I can’t resolve a thing – not in 5 mins. It is strange that I am expected to “change back” when I never changed to begin with. I am just expecting to stop getting kicked in the shins. However, considering my past experiences, such kicking is not going to stop, and will only change to me getting kicked square in the junk. LOL pucker up, boy! Whatever. I feel awful spending my day thinking why I am not getting text messages I used to get several times per day, and now I seem to have to fucking beg for those messages. I feel like such a fucking joke… Life goes on. I have to concentrate on my job, on fixing my house and on my miserable attempt at writing. This attempt at creative writing is going nowhere, and nowhere quick. Plot is outlined, but it is not shaped to my liking. I wonder if I am the only person who starts to write a story, lays down an outline, re-reads it a few times and decides that the whole plot is a joke and needs to be re-written all over again… about ten times now. Being a big old ball of stress is not helping, I know.  Perhaps I should just put it off until my head is more leveled.

8am – time to go sleep now. Here is to sleeping. tomorrow is a better day. or not! LOL

on proper names

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November 6, 2010

For Miguel’s comment on commenting out comments of commented comment of time. or something…

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nah, tis all a matter of perspective, man. From planets perspective we are telling ourselves what time WE THINK IT IS. Which, we the people of earth, are measuring time in fractions of it’s revolutions, but every four years we have to account for the imprecisions in our way of measuring and we add an extra 1/365th rotation cycle. That right there should’ve been a hint to us, naked apes, that maybe measuring of time should be looked at a bit… but nooooo…. we invent a jewish carpenter zombie dude, and decide that we really need the BC and AD. Which surely saves on ink when you write dates, but why didn’t we pick something with less of a bodycount, like… say… Vlad the Impailer’s birthday? Or King Tutankhamen? Or even that vengeful Asian dude on a horse with some serious agenda? Or… hey, I think I got it –  Caesar! Here is more to that idea – lets measure everything in 100 year increments. This way everyone gets a turn. “In the seventy third year of Roman Epileptic…” or “thirtieth of lighbulb” OR “eighty ninth of the bomb.”  You see, this way people actually learn history and have better reference points to what’s important.

“Eighty ninth of the bomb?! what fucking BOMB?!”

“Oh, that would be the one the sixty sixth year of the lighbulb!”

“A light-what…?”

“A lightbulb, you know the one that started on year sixty eight of Proud Frozen Dead Frog…”

“Talk sense! What frog?!”

“Oh you know, the one that started on the forty third year of Proud Frog Emperor…”

so on…

on WoW

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Huge bull-headed minotaur dudes?

in fancy robes?

and armor?

astride a cruise-missile painted like shark on meth?

WITH a lance and a jousting shield?

and a couple of weird angel-valkyrie looking things?

Oh sure we got that!



November 4, 2010


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what’s the word for shagging dead, strung up horses?

ah the lols

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