my brain just threw up a little…

December 30, 2010

re Your Brains

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December 28, 2010

from recent conversation with an old friend

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“I had a daydream. You were wearing a full plate armor, and you were fist-fucking Little Sara’s still warm corpse. I have no idea what could’ve brought that on, but hey, it made me smile that warm, happy, innocent, joyful smile of a child who knows what he is going to get for Christmas.”

wish-list for new years present

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A humble wish-list for my New Years present.


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I picked up this habit of pluralizing the word chicken after hearing George Carlin say “Chickens are good people!”

Now it’s pasta and chickens.

What if Carlin was trying to pun on Chickens possibly being a last name. That sounds befitting a persons last name.

I mean, there is “Dickens”, why not “Chickens.”

That gives me some undesired cannibalistic appearance.

“Hello George, tonight I am serving pasta and Harold and Emily Chickens!”

What’s the origin of the last name “Dickens”?

Dear Gods…

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From an earlier conversation with a good friend:

“I gotta tell you, I would blow an entire pantheon of gods in appreciation for letting me retain my own sense of humour. Having this sense of humor is much like having a bullet-proof and fire-retardant blanket covered in mutant unicorns shagging bunnies and duckies.”

word of the day

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cheese-grater  have a few definitions of their own. you are welcome to look them up yourself. be warned, almost all of those definitions involve teeth.

December 22, 2010


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December 21, 2010


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sticky choking muck

December 16, 2010

from a convo with a friend

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“what’s next? you will start talking about disposable adult diapers with leopard print on them. Commercials for those would go kinda like “Unleash your inner Tarzan!” and “Let loose that Inner Beast” ?
Perhaps “Go WILD – drop that load!”


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