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December 15, 2010

random convo

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(08:56:04) Friend: Would I have it any other way? lol
(08:57:47) me: why are you doing this to me? why are you asking me this pitfall of a question when you know full well that of all people out there I should not (under any circumstances) be given an option of answering a question that contains “having” and “it” and “other way.” ?

December 10, 2010


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my brain feels swollen. my eyes feel dry. an hour and a half of sleep today did not help one bit. tossing and turning with my heart pounding and feeling sick was not a good rest.

anger keeps me awake. great. i am one of those assholes who are fuelled by seething fucking hatred.

Another eight hours, and I’m driving to Ohio where I will turn off my phone and drown in booze for 48hrs. Then I will conveniently leave the phone off, barricade my doors, leave my computers turned off for a few years, sell my house, move to CO and hide in the mountains making things out of my little forge and selling them on internet. Eventually I will flatline in the comfort of my own company inside my shed, and never deal with bullshit that angers me ever again.

I win.

big ball of ugly

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I feel delirious. I AM delirious. My thoughts are chasing one another in manner resembling unkempt residents of a dilapidated asylum, in torn up pyjamas,  groaning through swollen tongues, trying to tag each other with dirty bathroom accessories, and every time one of those barely conscious creatures gets tagged with a plunger, half of them fall in sympathy befitting a toddlers play. Coffee and energy drinks bring no sense to this endless mess except for clearer picture of this grotesque theatre inside my brain. Picture is clear, but the play is still a senseless drop-off tag with plungers performed by drooling short-bus window-lickers with cast-aluminium underpants strapped to their heads with stained paper-towels.

My entire body is abuzz with the note of tired. Adding coffee just temporarily clears my view and turns this note of tired into a tired brown-note settling in the pit of my stomach. Residents turn their heads and focus their eyes on the coffee rain, sheets of which warp and morph into a shape of a stressed out officer in a very uncomfortable uniform with a monocle and a top-hat. Officer looks around projecting air of importance and organization. Inside three seconds realization of where he is hits him he deflates. His forced grunts of organizational flatulence act like a catalyst on dissected brains of residents around him, and they start their zombie march at him. Robes and plungers overwhelm Corporal Brain-Organizator, and when the wave of dirty hands and robes recedes, he too, now brainless and dressed in dirty green examination gown, begins to groan through an oversized plunger in his mouth…

Sleepless dumbs. I hates it.

December 8, 2010

top-hat wearing dogs, riding flying bats, while tossing handgrenades – we got that too…

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December 7, 2010

on life

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I am on a boat!

December 6, 2010

copyrighted that, sorry!

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three werewolves … Mr. Huff, Mr. Puff, and Mr. Blowhaus – fucking brilliant!

wow… lolpun

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December 4, 2010

was it good for your broker?

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I grabbed my coffee at beaners and walking out the door I saw a tall guy standing there, facing to my left. He had both his hands on his pudgy belly, and he was gently shaking it up and down. I could hear him say “No.” I glanced back to see if he was speaking at me – he wasn’t speaking at me. He was just staring off into space. His hands started shaking his belly faster and faster as he was saying “No” louder and louder. As his voice got to an almost scream, his hands suddenly stopped, he lifted his left leg, let out a horrendously loud long wet fart, and without missing a beat placed his two fingers to a wireless in his right ear, and almost exhaled “I do not like their interest rates. Moving on…” and stormed into Beaners.

December 1, 2010

rawr – new stick

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