my brain just threw up a little…

March 31, 2011


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March 30, 2011

new word coined by a friend

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“Todays word is: Perversularity – The combined perversion of two filthy minded persons in close proximity causing a perverted singularity.”

( from

March 29, 2011

at least I am getting my own food and drink

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hotdog on a bendy plastic fork.

I just have to keep telling myself that someplace in Ethiopia there is a starving water-head baby who would love one of these.


stfu. food. place food in face. repeat. ignore image of fly-baby. stuff face. carry on. two more boxes to build.

there will be food at home.

oh and… Aaaaah…. nuts.


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“the difference between Erotic and Kinky is using a feather rather than using a whole chicken”

(Eric, by Terry Pratchett)

March 28, 2011


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just finished last season. i like this. and if you don’t, then fuck you, go flush some sand out of you nethers, you stuffy bitch.

March 23, 2011

a thought

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every serial killer is a dyslexic alphabet killer


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“You just opened a door for an elderly cat who just lost hold of the concept of walking around things.” he told himself as he rewound the alarm. “You do it every day!”

(Terry Pratchett)

March 21, 2011

flare (sp?)

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oh and…
I want a ten foot tall Yoda statue made out of styrofoam. With Yoda posed as squatting with his pants about his ankles, passing a unicorn, head first.
you know… for Pennsic

March 19, 2011

Hey Rowan!

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That Gerard Butler dude you told me about… yeah, he has a face like a muppet. (just saying)


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watching this “Gomorrah” film. weird. no, wait, I haven’t decided yet if it is really bad, really strange, or just way outside of my understanding (piss off! I am trying avoid saying ‘foreign’), being Italian and all. Movie is Italian, not I.

too many stories all tied into one big ball of fucking mess. i am not even half way through this, and I already feel like I will need to watch about 12-14 hrs of Buffy to compensate for this exposure out of Hollywood bounds.

addtnl note – finished this. um yeah, moral of this story is – organized crime is bad. ??

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