my brain just threw up a little…

June 20, 2011


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June 19, 2011

genius prank! I approve!

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so I saw this on fukung
there is this link to youtube vid in this add:
I think this vid is responsible for a lot of dead kittens.

hot sauce

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So there is site I came across recently.
For all the fools out there who cry at the mere sight of Sriracha bottle while pouring buckets of Tabasco Original down their throat without breaking sweat.
For your consideration:
Sriracha 2,200SU Only 44% the heat of a jalapeno
Tabasco Original Hot Sauce 2,500SU Only 50% the heat of a jalapeno
So there… nothing to cry about.
You want to cry about something?
Stick your finger in this and lick it.
That would be “Blair’s 16 Million Reserve” 16,000,000SU that’s 3200 times hotter than jalopeno. There only 999 of those bottles made and they are/were ridiculously fucking expensive.
Listen, if you are in the mood to get introduced to something like this, all you have to do is slap some mace carrying idiot, and you might get maced. That’s 2,000,000SU to 5,000,000SU, or about 1000 times spicier than jalapeno.
That means that this “Blair’s 16 Million Reserve” is about four-five times spicier/hotter than your average mace.

oh yeah, the SU – Scoville Units


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Gate Fragment. It looks like ass, but it will be by site better than a dirty drop-cloth we had last year.

June 18, 2011

The Baker

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Assassin in love

Cute. Disagree if you will, but I still think that this was also cute. So there =P

June 14, 2011

go the fuck to sleep

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so i got curious about this word… “Classy”

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So, yeah, I got curious about “Classy.” and here is what I dug up on it:

Definition of CLASSY

: having or showing class: asa : elegantstylish <a classy clientele>b : having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior<a classy guy> <a classy gesture>c : admirably skillful and graceful <a classy outfielder>
— class·i·ness noun

Ghettofied adjective from the late 70’s & 80’s that somehow became socially acceptable with predominately middle & upper class homogenized White Americans, especially during the last few years. The biggest mistake connected with the use of this term is that it should never be used to describe oneself. Those who use it to describe themselves never are.
Excuse me, I am a classy lady! Maybe I please have a paper bag & a straw!

There’s more to understanding class than meets the eye. Classiness is divided into 3 categories, or degrees.

1. Classy to the 1st degree: used in a sarcastic way, generally meaning slutty, trashy, etc.

2. Classy to the 2nd degree: used in a sarcastic way as well, but in more of a humerous way, generally meaning cheap, ridiculous, gross, etc.

3. Classy to the 3rd degree: used in a serious way, generally meaning stylish, fancy, sophisticated, etc.

1. “Dude, look at that girl. She’s having sex with ANOTHER guy! That’s like the sixth one tonight!”
“She is so classy.”

2. “My mom got me some new clothes from walmart.”
“That is such a classy place to shop.”

3. “Audrey Hepburn is classy.”





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i have not seen it yet, but from retelling it sounds like … “a lot of bullshit drama and everyone just shat themselves.”

June 12, 2011

just super…

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