my brain just threw up a little…

October 26, 2011

From an earlier conversation with a friend

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“if they expect a Yes or a No, and instead they get “ces’t la vie, mon amour, ces’t la vie” closely followed with “greener couch matched his purse in the light of the fire which YOU caused, you saucy zebra…”

October 24, 2011

from an earlier conversation with a friend

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“No More Mr Tampon!”


(I love my friends. They are a source of inspiration, humor, affection, farts and cookies. Love you guys! Eat fucking Beano!)

October 22, 2011

youtube fails not to fail… or something

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Dear YouTube,

please stop hurting my brain. A day doesn’t go by that I manage to avoid some horrible proof that we (humans) are really and truly a lost cause. We have too much time on our hands. We are NOT a trustworthy bunch. We eat our young! We do really dumb things like turning a bunch of tampons into a flute and ruining a piece of music with it.

No, seriously! Visualize this conversation:

“Herr Beethoven. About 100 years after you die, some medic will invent this device for ladies… a wadded up cotton roll that they will shove into their… um… vaginas, to prevent leakage when they bleed, see? To make insertion easier, these cotton rolls will be inserted by means of a thick paper tube, you see? Like a miniature musket. Bear with me, this is really important. Less than a hundred years after this cotton-roll-plug-device is invented, some woman will use these thick un-used papertubes to make a panflute, see? And on this instrument she will perform this exquisite bit from this lovely symphony you have written last night, and it will sound just atrocious, Mein Herr.”

“Ich kann Sie nicht hören!”

“Ah! Können Sie mich jetzt hören?”

And had he any notion of what was being said, he would have scrapped the whole 5th…


(“i can’t hear you!” – “Ah! can you hear me now?”)

October 21, 2011

Inner Gamer says

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I just got a stiffy

October 20, 2011

at lunch

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Dear cock-sauce, thank you for making these frozen hot-dogs “edible.”

being the dreaded alpha sucks sometimes…

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I don’t feel like writing about it, but here…
I had to growl at my new dog yesterday. Dropped on top of her, growled like a madman, both hands on her, chest on her, teeth on her face squeezing right next to her eye…
She saw my dog as a domination challenge and did not consider me a bigger dog or even a dog at all. She came from humane society where she saw a lot of people acting like people, and a lot of scared dogs, acting their part. No wonder she did not see me as that Bigger Dog that I am for my dog. So when Banga and Ginger went at each other with bared teeth and serious “I’ma’fuck’you’UP!”… I had to step in right quick. Boot to the head x2, growl at Banga – banga drops head flat and looks away. Ginger being the new kid and having never before seen man-gone-dog flips the lid and tries to flee in terror. Brief chase (two leaps) and I am on top of her, teeth in face, hands on, chest on, growling with desire to get to her throat. Genes kicked in. Dog went rigid, left a wet spot, never moved her face/eyes. Ended up being apologetic and we made peace. This morning during feeding, Banga turned her head to growl at her. I made a throat noise at Banga. It was enough to direct her interest back to her food.

Walking two pullers with flared up gout sucks so much dick…. oh gods.
I am hoping these two will be ok today. I will see when I get back home.

October 14, 2011


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October 6, 2011

On “Success”

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There is SUCK in SUCCESS. Just a thought…

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