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December 23, 2011

American werewolf in London (1981)

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I need more soup. Oh and there are better shots, like the “uzi wielding uniformed nazi werewolves spraying an average american house”, the shower scene(s?), or the “moneyshot.”

I should explain this bit in some later post.




Soup… I think

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1lb ground lamb

2 large-ish white onions

2 large cans of stewed/diced tomatos

1 pack of spicy sausage

2 yellow or red bell peppers

2-3 squash

2-3 zucchini

8 med-size potatoes

1 pack of mushrooms

3 quarts of stock (your choice, either cheat and use bullion, or actually go through the trouble of making stock)

Olive oil

2 jalopenos

cracked black pepper, other spices (invent your own to your taste), and…

1lb of peppered bacon.


Fry up your 1lb of small-cut bacon in the bottom of your main stockpot. DO NOT let it burn, or you will be exiled to North Pole until you find Santa.

Scoop out bacon and set it aside on paper towel. Fry 1 large chopped onion in bottom of stock pot until onion becomes close to translucent. Add lamb + spices. Stir to avoid burn, see that all the pink is gone. Add zucchini/squash. Cook until Z/S softened. Add tomatoes and mushroom. Stir and simmer until mushrooms are softer/edible.

In separate pot, cook cubed potatoes in stock, add some cracked black pepper before they are done. Dump potatoes+stock into main pot. Stir chopped garlic roasted in 1/2stick butter.

Serve with a spoon of sour cream and a big pinch of chopped chives. Bacon is very strongly encouraged. In fact, let me put it like this “If you do not add bacon to this, secret police will come to your door, turn off your internets and flood your dwelling with raw sewage.”

December 22, 2011


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2 types of sausage, ground lamb, stewed diced tomatoes, peas, onions, garlic, angel’s hair pasta, hot and regular peppers. What will I make tonight? With my luck it will be indigestion… It is only lucky That I have remembered to pick up some Guinness and some cold cuts.

December 21, 2011


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does anyone even remember this?


just… just WHY?

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I hope Canada has “televised drowning” as method of execution.

Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

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2:31Friend:   You really only need to read the URL on this:

2:32Me:   ./palmface

2:32Friend:   If that isn’t epic fail, i don’t know what is.

2:32Me:   C’est L’amour…

2:32Friend:   hahahaaaa

2:45Me:   I am sure there is some cigarette smoking, beret-covered, depressed frog, sitting in some small, smoked through cafe` in Paris, contemplating a “writ-to-end-all-depressing-writs” about two elderly brothers who found themselves smuggling assful of coke, and end up coming out of proverbial closet to each other while in an actual water-closet with cops knocking on the door. Jaque starts pulling balloons out of Pierre’s inflamed bunghole, as Pierre starts to enjoy the procedure and promptly croaks with a ruptured balloon. And Jaque dies with a mouthful of coke, actually choking on coke and latex. And being unable to (pardon the use of word) squeeze out any air past his brotherly smeared teeth, he writes on the wall mirror with the only one thing there was in abundance… “C’est L’amour”… and collapses head-first into the murk of the only body of water available in that wretched place.

2:47Me:   Epilogue. “Conductor of the train sees a roadkill at the crossing, and decides that Marat was right and kills himself at the nearest hotel… in a bathtub.”

2:48Me:   nope!!! the actual article is MUCH worse.

2:49Friend:   That is perhaps the most amusing bit of short fiction that has passed through my monitor in quite some time. Well played, sir. Well played.

2:49Me:   tyty

2:49Me:   **bows**

2:52Me:   I’m going to (pardon the use of this word) stick it in my blog.

2:52Me:   (that just came out all wrong)

2:53Me:   … “came out”… sigh

internets, at its bestest

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Now “immortalized.”

(immortalized is a relative term, changes may apply, conditions may vary, and hookers can possibly be in the trunk and alive simultaneously only in OK, AL, DK, NH, MI, and XY. “Immortalized” is a trademark of “” corp, and therefore a human (™). )




Friend: OMG

Me: I lol’d

Friend: thats horrible

Friend: and funny

Me: aye

Me: next time you hold your nephew, think “future”…

Friend: yuck!

Me: rofl

Me: If you ever walk into something like that, your immediate reaction should be *hands up*, *turn face*, “NOT IN THE EYE! NOT IN THE EYE!!!”

Friend: ok, thats about enough!

Friend: =P

Me: **TEARS**


bus station killing

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wow this is messed up

December 18, 2011

that’s… heartfelt

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(from earlier conversation with a friend)

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