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January 20, 2012

grabbed off of reddit

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I have no idea who this girl is, but this is really quite funny.

More people need to use that same kind of thinking. “Slanty-eyed grandchildren” – I lol’d. hard.


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January 19, 2012


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Note to self: “next vehicle you buy should be equipped with a plow, cow-tipper, flame-thrower, fork-lift, 110mm mortar, RFS mount with paired 12.5mm aircraft autocannon, and armor-mounted AGS 30mm grenade launcher. Oh and some loud-speakers blaring fucking Wagner!”


January 16, 2012




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it kinda makes all of our security precautions look like a fresh-faced shapely beautiful girl, breathing heavily, with her eyes half closed, cheeks flushed, moaning softly and incomprehensibly, with a saggy, malformed, poorly shaven pair of old-man’s testicles growing out of her forehead and resting on her nose.

and, please accept my apologies for my cunning ruse involving this suggestive description of a lovely young lady disfigured with a malformed growth on her forehead, Sir. It was extremely inappropriate, and for that I apologize.



January 15, 2012

The Shipping News

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Just watched The Shipping News (2001). It was well worth my time. This is a one very well told story if I ever heard/saw one. This gets five of five stars in my list of films. I know it doesn’t say much to some folk who disagree with my likes, but hey, that’s my opinion, and if you do not like it then what in the purple fuck are you doing here reading this crap? So either watch this awesome movie, or piss off and go back to popish hollywooden regurgitation that will have as much impact on lives of people watching it as a fly-fart on lunar gravity in three hundred years.


January 12, 2012

I should never be a parent… ever.

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“Orphanage! Napalm! Little voices crying in the dark! The crunching of the thumbs! Half charred dolls and dirty sippy cups. Little grubby people fighting each other for shiny new batteries. Boogyman is real and has bad teeth and a knife, and his name is Tyron.”

(From an earlier conversation with a parenting friend.)

January 11, 2012

QOTD. (i could throw this at so many people, ohgods…)

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Just because you convince yourself with your own bullshit, it doesn’t mean everyone else is buying it.


January 10, 2012


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January 9, 2012

trademark excuse

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Me: A small observation: “typos and spelling errors are fine, as long as you pretend that you are screwing up with intent to sound/appear cool. If you do not feel like pretending to be cool, you can always add a (™) at the end of every word that you are not sure about, thus making yourself sound less of an idiot, and more of a pretentious cock.”

Me: bloginating (™) this

Friend: yeah. that is a wanker way to say it

Me:  “wankinating forth!” (™)

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