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February 24, 2012

can we please elect him as the president?

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you knew this was going onto a tee after that bag-o-crazy post!

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February 22, 2012

An observation.

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My co-workers are a bunch of crazy kids. Some are just more certifiable than others.


“how long do you think before “/b/” is added to Websters as an adjective and a verb?”

a point there…

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February 21, 2012


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I believe “a big old bag of retarded” is the correct term for THIS

Not Safe For Work

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Me: well…

Me: THAT is one way to “choke a chicken”, Sir

Me: also

Me: under what possible circumstances would a person end up … well… like THAT

Friend: feltching?

Me: how does one wake up in the morning with a clear thought “Today I will choke a chicken with my colon?”

Me: When does THAT become a good idea?

Me: Or maybe this guy just really wanted to fly?

Me: Some failed fucking aviator he is…

Me: “The Last Squak” followed with a “fart” and a “feather-muffled thud.”

MFriend: sounds about right

Me: perhaps this Aviator is working his way up to a bigger bird with more lift.

Me: Albatross comes to mind.

Me: 11ft wingspan

Friend: yeah, but you might kill it

Me: I can see that performing a “blind flight.”

Me: this is horrible.

Me: Let me just say this, when I woke up this morning, I did not think of a possibility that I will have to let my mind wonder into any kind of rectal ornithology.

Me: And now that I thought of The Big Bird – Sesame Street is ruined forever.

Me: … with Flight of the Valkyries as the soundtrack


February 20, 2012

ah disappoint… warren ellis never fukung

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alright, this is just getting too silly. stop that!

ah Warren Ellis… you never disappoint

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fukung… you never disappoint

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prolly fake:

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