my brain just threw up a little…

March 26, 2012

which do I do first?

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why do i even open my mouth?

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Sitting outside this Chinese restaurant with my dog. Waiting on my carryout. Dog gets restless sniffing and whining. My Inside Retard said “if I sat like this near a crematorium I too would be nervous.” Used outside voice. ./fail

from a conversation about boiled clams

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“that would make my fridge smell like a hooker that died of yeast infection.”


March 24, 2012

I SO should not be a parent…

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It’s a sign…

interspecies erotica

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March 22, 2012

from an earlier conversation

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“Vasectomy? Here is a jar, a nylon thread, and a travel shaving kit. Do it yourself, boy!”


touching on a Pope

March 20, 2012


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"I'd defend him in a prison shower"

(from one of our customers about one of our employees)

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