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August 29, 2012

heraldry bit

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Saw a good friend using an icon on his FB… I had to google-translate that, but it was worth the chuckle.


August 24, 2012


From an earlier conversation about explaining Raid and striping to someone.

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“you see them do that “doggy-style” head tilt, and you know that the very essence of what raid is, just unplugged from the brainy reticle in the right spot, and rolled along with the head tilt to the opposite (wrong) side…”

August 22, 2012

from an earlier conversation with a friend

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“She assures everyone that nothing will hurt on the way back out.”


You know how everyone at least once in their lifetime imagines what they will do with their life if they were filthy-rich? 300mil+ lotto winning would make most any mortal pretty comfortable, I bet.

One of the things I would definitely do if I suddenly get filthy-rich is buy property and make a dog-farm. Not to breed dogs. To host those that got dumped at the shelters and do not get adopted out. Sort of a “Last Chance” farm. A large enough wooded area. A heated building near a big pond. And a big field between the two. Aye, size of a football field or bigger.

Everything surrounded with a tall wall so nothing gets in uninvited.

Dogs are so much better than humans.

August 21, 2012

Dogs and compassion

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there is a 2mo old pup named Goliath.
If you are reading this – please go adopt the poor chap!
He is a love.











And I am a bloody retard for looking. It gets me every time! Well, last time I ended up with Gingin, so it is not all terrible as long as you are adopting a pup.


ok… this is getting silly! lol

I really like this bike =D
If I find a stretch long enough, I WILL bend the needle.

August 20, 2012


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So earlier today I found out that with everything stripped off the bike (windscreen, cases), if I am not laying flat on the tank, my frame generates enough drag to start lifting front tire off the road at 95mph. Hmm… I need drag-bars. Stock handlebars for 2004 r1150r are $203 and change. I think I will be making inquiries with Slick’s in Mason. Hopefully they have a set. And I cannot just use a 22mm bar because it needs to be adopted for balancers, which are a good thing to have. Oh, and a throttle lock will be ordered Thursday. Hopefully it will fit well. This whole business with throttle hand falling asleep on long runs… yeah, that’s bad.

August 17, 2012

International Apostrophe day, ya’ll!

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