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August 15, 2012

oh yeah! these will be my last words.


a lot of happily grinning people out there today

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“Turning the tables on miscreants who paralyze websites with torrents of junk data, security researchers have published a detailed manual that shows how to neutralize some of the Internet’s most popular denial-of-service tools.

The do-it-yourself how-to provides instructions that even hacking novices can follow to exploit critical vulnerabilities in “Dirt Jumper,” a family of tools used to wage the crippling denial-of-service attacks. By targeting SQL injection flaws in the software—which is sold for thousands of dollars in underground forums—counter-attackers can commandeer the master control servers used to distribute commands to large numbers of infected computers, which act as foot soldiers in such attacks. The manual was published on Tuesday by researchers with DDoS mitigation provider Prolexic.”


random from earlier

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Friend and I see a girl across the sidewalk. She just walked out of some small store on the main drag while stuffing a book into her hand bag. She looked up, threw us a quick smile and walked away. She walked with a short, strong, stamping step. Not toeing. Face with eyes accustomed to anger. Nicotine stain on left hand, but purse is in the right. She wore wrong size shoes (man’s converse, boyfriend?). Not fat or chubby, but with muffintops and shrunken calf (thick knee, recently lost a ton of weight I’d bet). There was a pair of loud sunglasses on top of her head like hairband (gaudy even for elvis). Book that she was stuffing into her bag was a red paperback with golden cursive on the shredded spine. Cracked screen on her cell, and a pack of Newports-box were almost falling out. Estimated age – 30. Occupation – waitress? No ring, just weird wire-jewelry.

“Do you know her?” asks friend

“No. Just a random face, why?”

He jokingly raises and wiggles eyebrow.

I shake my head and go back to my bubble-tea, secretly hoping that he will forget my staring at the woman and let it go before I have to explain why I am not interested.

He presses. I bounced back with “she looks like she is married” knowing full well that she is not.

Oh well. Maybe he is right. Maybe I over-analyse everything and that’s my downfall in relationships.

Although I have to agree with another friend who (bless her heart) told me “You know what you are dealing with. You see things just fine! Act on it. You see bullshit – call it! Don’t wait for them to just use you while you are hoping for some miracle to happen. They will use you if you let them.”

Looking back (20/20) at past relationships I have to agree with what she said.

tomorrow better be a better day

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Well, technically “tomorrow” is largely what I will make it to be. I do, however, have a nagging feeling that tomorrow is not going to pan out well.

Lack of sleep brought on by this really aggravating back pain is just not going to help my tomorrow. I have to get blood drawn at 7. Work at 8. Doc’s at 5. More building/fixing after. I have this sneaking suspicion that “more building” is NOT going to happen. I will likely crawl home, walk/feed/water the kids, and lay down flat on my back and do nothing else for the rest of the day. I really do not like being broken. And to think, earlier today I was actually planning to do all of my running about on my bike. No way. 70mph and inability to tilt my hips is not going to mix well. That whole “ouch-ouch-ouch-splat” thing is just… not appealing quite yet. I am still kicking! Damn right, bitches! Bring it on! lol

Ah, I am taking my gimp-ass to the kitchen to get me some good tea.

A note for no related reason to the above. Samuel Marshak translated a lot of Burns’ poetry. Reading Burns in original is very different. This must be the tenth time I start reading his stuff, and the tenth time I put it down and pick up Marshak’s translations. Pop used to read it to me when I was a kid. It “sounds” in Pop’s voice. And this man can read better than most I know. (as in “read to you”)


August 14, 2012

“…really, really good!”


While attending the 17th Annual South Florida Tattoo Expo, staffers from the Fort Lauderdale-based alt weekly New Times Broward-Palm Beach came across a young lady who was very eager to show off a tattoo she got of her boyfriend’s name.

A little too eager when you consider that the tat was on her anus.

According to the 22-year-old butthole inscriber, the rectum-inking experience feels “really, really good,” but your results may vary.

Also on hand at the expo was world-famous Love Psychic Jill Dahne, who told the New Times she expects the asshole tat to be “the next big thing.”

And if anyone knows a thing or two about anus tattoos becoming a trend, it’s the woman who predicted that Howard K. Stern was responsible for the death of Anna Nicole Smith.


August 11, 2012

Pennsic and randoms

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I missed Pennsic this year. In part by choice, in part due to circumstances. Nothing really that I could’ve done to make it there for the full two weeks. I could’ve tightened my belt and gone for a weekend, but that is where I had to make a choice and pay bills instead of dealing with driving back after spending only a few hours there.

It is a good thing I did not go. I miss the shit out my house-folk. I would love to hang out and get a few drinks in with those guys. I am going next year, come hell or high water. My folks already volunteered to babysit for me next Pennsic. I am holding them to it. (besides, they miss the kids already, and it’s only been three days since they moved)

I already planned out my building project for next year. Hopefully Turtle will manage to get the gate out of my trailer so I could use it to store the extra stuff I am building for myself.

If all goes as planned, I will be able to bake bread at next Pennsic… that’s a big IF. However, I am putting my mind to it, and unless my finances go bum over eyebrow again like they did after last years Pennsic, there should be fresh baked bread at next Pennsic.

Earlier tonight I went to meet a good friend over at this greasy-spoon-dive hugely favored by local geeks. It is one of those few 24hr places that have drunk sticky fingerprints, drunks after 2AM, and relatively cheap food. I stopped going there a year and a half ago. Has to do with not wanting to see this woman I parted ways with back then. Her and I are still apart and not on speaking terms, and it will stay that way if I have any say in it. However, I occasionally miss some supergreasy fish and chips, or pancakes with coffee that tastes so bad that you actually HAVE to add sugar and cream to make it taste less like charred elephant foreskin with burnt ass-hair stuck to it.

It was strange to go there. Nothing much changed. Food is still from the same repertoire. Coffee still tastes bad. Wait-staff remembers me and is super-nice to me.

It was a strange conversation about bikes, exes, Halloween pranks, and dildos. Yes, I said dildos. One of the friends had a catalog out. Rubber and plastic cock everywhere. Some toys that look like… like miniature liver with a USB cord? A “secret service” collection. That was an actual name of the line – “secret service.” Damn thing looking like a pink orca with two heads. I felt challenged by that arsenal. I felt inadequate. I blushed and asked many questions, giving the girl time to patiently answer and to practice her descriptions of the amazing products. However, that arsenal of rubber schlong did not amuse me well enough to consider actually buying any penis tyvm.

Back home now. My little renovation project is so close to its completion, I can practically taste it.

Oh well… tomorrow is a better day.

“You can find a decent woman instead of crazies you’ve been finding! Are you not looking? That last girl is probably married and has babies now or something.” And failing to save my face I lied. She did not buy it and accused me of waiting for “the last girl to come back.” I could not give her a bullshit answer to that one. So I told her the truth. She sat there preparing her diagnosis to describe what was wrong with me. I changed topic to moving to Florida. She tried to reason me to the path of forgive-forget and move on with my life. I persistently changed the subject. She knows me well enough to respect that and she avoids going back to “the last girl.”  Sometimes Mom has sense to just leave things well alone. (funny to think, but she really liked that “last girl”)

I need to buy a new umbrella. My old one is broken and I left it at work. I think I should buy me a nice one.  Solidly built, with a sturdy handle and prod, and with a big four foot canopy. Hmm…

New handlebars for my bike are also needed. But that can wait.

enough ramblings, it is bed time now.

Tomorrow more house-werk.

August 9, 2012

there is no woman in this picture

August 7, 2012

ganked off of imgur

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August 1, 2012

The man who laughs

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I just found out that there is this film being released in Dec of this year.  L’homme qui rit (The man who laughs) is a great story, and I almost guarantee you that it will not make any money in US.

Here are a couple of links to look at between the episodes of American Idol.


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