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September 30, 2012

Thank you, Michael.

September 29, 2012

From HBO show “The News Room”

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September 28, 2012

science… doing it’s thing… again!

Wake the fuck up!

hungry little fellow!




David Viens Mug Shot
The L.A. chef who told police he slow-cooked his wife’s body for 4 days was just convicted of 2nd degree murder in an L.A. courtroom.

David Viens had told authorities he boiled his wife’s 105-pound body in a 55-gallon drum in 2009 … and got rid of the evidence by dumping some of the remains in a grease pit at his restaurant, Lomita.

Viens had said he had gotten into an argument with his wife, Dawn, the night before her death … and during the altercation, he tied her up and put duct tape over her mouth before going to bed.

Viens claimed he woke up the next morning and found her dead … and panicked.

In a recorded interview with authorities, Viens said, “I just slowly cooked [the body] and I ended up cooking her for four days.”

Viens now faces 15 years to life in state prison.


He is not a very good chef. You suppose to put an apple in their mouth, not ductape!

Also… who in the purple fuck does this?! You get in a fight with your partner – shut up, throw your hands up, walk away… come back in a few hours or whenever you are cooled off and deal with matters in a reasonable fashion! WTF is this “ductape her mouth and went to bed” shit?!

There are assholes like that that kill and cook their wives, while there are guys like Your Truly unable to find a woman worth spending the rest of his days with… I wonder why that is?

Could someone please put this bastard on a spit? I am getting peckish here!

some days I wonder…

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some days I wonder if all there is to life is work-sleep-maintanlife cycle. And then my dogs pile on top of me on the couch and one of them pokes me in the eye with her fat-wet nose. Mystery of life my ass! I chuckle and rub her belly. And there is that feeling of contentment and peace. Dogs are the answer to life’s big questions. Especially if you are holding food.

September 27, 2012

… that’s a face-licker. I know THAT look!

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totally stolen from (


September 26, 2012

NICE! So playing PacMan makes you a serious fucking sadist. I think…

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from earlier exchange with a friend

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“I couldn’t help it. His pipe is so big and hot.”

September 24, 2012


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okso, note to self: “next time you decide on riding to work in thirty-something degree weather without long-johns, remember to look at your balls. Try to remember what they look like, because you will not see them for a few hours after that twenty minute ride. Your balls will shrink up so much that it will be easier to see them by looking down your mouth rather then looking down your pants. Also! Stop trying to look down your own mouth while muttering something about your balls – it puts your co-workers on edge.”

Much Love,


Your Balls.

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