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November 29, 2012

Hopeless. Fucking hopeless, Sir!

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So I came across this article about a …

no, fuck this. Let me put it in perspective for you.

We went to the moon. We are looking at stars that have died before humans ever existed. We have developed means to extend human life to averages about three times what it was a four hundred years ago. We have everyday technology that our parents could not ever imagine. We have means to communicate with each other ignoring the distance.

In all this marvelousness… we are still screwing ourselves with organized religion. Nothing is wrong about “faith.” That’s between you and whatever you believe in. It is great! It gets you through the day. It is called spirituality. I cannot sit here and tell you that you should not have beliefs. I am a firm believer in a flying spaghetti monster, but I draw a line at Santa Clause. And you will never hear or see me letting MY belief(s) affect others. By the way! My hat comes off to all those awesome people who do the same. They have their own set of rules (never you mind the source of those rules) that they chose to adhere to, and even if you ask them what it is – they would not share it with you. It IS their belief. Not some fucking clown car with agenda. And what’s with religious folk being so hard up about bringing others to their “own club?” Whatever happened to spirituality and faith being between you and whatever deity. Why advertise? To convert others? What happened to live and let live? How about being tolerant and accepting of other people’s beliefs? At what point have people of faith lost their grace and turn to judgement and persecution of others?

It is not right that someone is deprived of life altering choices by a group of people whose sole occupation is conducting a life-long seans of communication with supposed product of their belief.


Read on:


(From )

Irish Catholic Bishops reveal ignorance in statement on death of Savita Halappanavar

“The Irish Catholic Bishops have seen fit to clarify the church’s view on gynecology given Savita Halappanavar’s death from sepsis at 17 weeks in her pregnancy and the concern that evacuating her uterus was delayed because the fetus still had a heart beat. The full statement is here, but this is the excerpt I find most troubling:

– Whereas abortion is the direct and intentional destruction of an unborn baby and is gravely immoral in all circumstances, this is different from medical treatments which do not directly and intentionally seek to end the life of the unborn baby. Current law and medical guidelines in Ireland allow nurses and doctors in Irish hospitals to apply this vital distinction in practice while upholding the equal right to life of both a mother and her unborn baby.

I spent quite sometime trying to understand how one could possibly translate this statement into medical care. I’ve been a doctor for 22 years and an OB/GYN for 17 years and I admit that I am at a bit of a loss. My three interpretations are as follows.

  • Terminating a pregnancy is “gravely immoral in all circumstances.” All circumstances includes 17 weeks and ruptured membranes. Unless I misunderstand the meaning of “all,” then Irish Catholic Bishops also view ending a pregnancy at 17 weeks with ruptured membranes and sepsis, either by induction of labor or the surgical dilation and evaluation (D & E), to be “gravely immoral.” They must also view ending a pregnancy for a woman who previously had postpartum cardiomyopathy and a 50% risk of death in her pregnancy as “gravely immoral.” So if you have a medical condition that is rapidly deteriorating because of your pregnancy, too bad for you if you live in Ireland. Because the mother and unborn baby have equal rights to life, Irish law spares women the anguish of choosing their own life. Neither can be first, so both must die.
  • The latest edition of the medical textbook of Irish Catholic gynecology defines “abortion” as elective abortion and “medical treatments that do not directly and intentionally seek to end the life of the unborn baby” as medically indicated abortion. I admit this interpretation is a bit of a stretch. Whether it’s an induction or a D & E at 17 weeks for a woman with ruptured membranes and a runaway infection the intention is to end the life of the “unborn baby” because the infected uterine contents are what is killing the mother. And who defines medically indicated? A physician? A committee of physicians? A bishop? Does Cardinal Grady have a hotline for doctors? And what criteria is used? Risk of death 100%? 50%? 25%? 1%? It’s not always possible to say specifically and the Irish Catholic Bishops do not offer further clarification. The risk of sepsis, a life threatening infection, when a woman presents with ruptured membranes before 24 weeks is 1%. Not everyone with sepsis dies, but many do. I wonder how many Irish Catholic Bishops would get on an airplane if they knew that there was a minimum of a 1% risk the plane would crash? What if the risks were 10%? Or 25%? Hey, not all airplane crashes are fatal.
  • The statement is an attempt to distinguish induction of labour from a D & E (you’ll have to bear with me on this one as neither “induction of labor” nor “D &E” are specifically mentioned). “Abortion” could be Irish Catholic Bishop code for D & E (a surgical procedure) and“medical treatments” code for induction of labor. After all, with an induction of labor (medication placed in the vagina or given intravenously to bring on contractions and empty the uterus) the fetus technically dies as a result of the mother getting medication and not by something that “directly” touches the fetus. Sort of in the way that if you tell a lie and your fingers are crossed you’re not really lying. Under this if-you-just-knew-the-secret-code-because-we-don’t-know-or understand-appropriate-medical-terminology interpretation, Dr. Halappanavar could clearly have had an induction of labor at 17 weeks and thus the blame for her death sits squarely on the shoulders of her medical team. However, under this interpretation should a uterus fail to contact with medication (as infected uteri are wont to do) a woman with previable ruptured membranes couldn’t have a D & E on an alive infected fetus with 0% chance of survival, but she could have a far more invasive hysterectomy, because that is “intentionally” destroying the uterus not the fetus.

The statement from the Irish Catholic Bishops is medically nonsensical, contradictory, and immoral and as who have never practiced medicine opining on an aspect of medical care that they clearly can’t understand.

The only thing this statement clarifies is how Irish physicians could easily be confused by an Irish abortion law steeped in religion, and thus reinforces the claim that Catholicism contributed to Dr. Halappanavar’s death.”


(edit: Did you know that the leading cause of death in the world is… religion?)

November 22, 2012

not a good day

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I screwed up at work. multiple times.

I took off at the end of my day and ran home to take care of the kids.

then went back to werk

except… I tried to save on gas and did not take the truck

I took the bike. Cold. Some fucking bastard did not look when was changing his lanes. I got out safely. I hope he gets hit in the mouth by an oversized cock. A lot.

stayed at werk a little to help guys out. They were too pissed off at my screwing up to appreciate my trying. I said fuck it and went home after a couple of hours.

two hotdogs at werk and oh hey… hummus

A lady friend is doing her best to be a good friend. I keep reminding myself that she is just a friend. Awkward, but she is way awesome. Like… Like Benny-awesome. But I am known to be wrong. So I’ll just shut my awful piehole… pie. hmm… I am hungry, but I am not making pie.

Bexter’s quiche. That was classic. But that was that time when I thought I was so very right and I was nothing but wrong. What is she doing? I can’t care. Not now. not ever if I can help it. I’ll tell you what she is doing – she is fucking up some other dude’s life. Not mine.


I am stuck in an elaborate rat-maze. There is overabundance of levers that let you get to other levers and other levers and so on… and then there is a lever that tickles a little and food, and you have to get to that first lever on time otherwise you get dropped into a lower maze with hungrier and meaner rats and worse food and less tickle, and if you fuck that up you get to the lower maze and if you do not it is the higher maze, but guess what… there is a glass and a curious probing eye and you cannot get up higher.

I cannot remember shit. My memory is going away. I am tired most the time. And I think this is all I got.


I need some food. Excuse me while I press some levers.


November 18, 2012

my glasses are dirty

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fuck this, I’m going for a ride

November 9, 2012

“an amazingly bad decision and choice.”

Standing in line at the donut shop this morning. There is a mom with two adorable little kids. A girl, who is 4-5, and her little brother, who looks 3. Little girl is bouncing and squeaking, all excited about getting her “chocolaty sprinkle donuty.” Just cute as a button, bouncing like ferret on speed, and excited like everything just turned into sparkles and whatnot. Another lady in line and I are making jokes and grinning at the little girl. Little girl’s mom is laughing with us. We are making jokes about how this girl will be more bouncy once she gets her donut. They get their donut. Girl gets a bigger piece than her little brother and she seems to gloat a little. Grinning lady gets her order and goes away. I get my order and about to head out when I see that little boy looking at his sister with something of a dismay (because she is still snacking on her “chocolaty sprinkle donuty.”
My Inner Retard is entirely responsible for what happened next. I walk over to the counter and get one of those “chocolaty sprinkle donuty.” I walk over to the “mom” and ask her to give me an example of “an amazingly bad decision and choice.” She says something like “I don’t think I can think of one right now.” To wich I hand her the bag with the “chocolaty sprinkle donuty,” and ask her to please hold this for a minute. And then I say “Keep holding, you are doing great!”

And I walk out as I hear her laughing maniacally.


I am going to hell.

November 6, 2012


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Crying “don’t stick your dick in CRAZY” is like telling a skydiver to wear thicker socks in case if helmet falls off!”

November 5, 2012

From an earlier conversation with a friend.

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“I’d like to point out for the Kind Ladies and Gentlemen of our esteemed jury that I have never charged for sex, and that it was always a pro-bono work and never was used for purposes of taxable income or, come to think of it, any manner of tax manipulation!”

November 2, 2012


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