my brain just threw up a little…

December 1, 2012

Here is THIS. Your argument is invalid.

(I cannot explain this!)


ah, reddit…

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Serious teapot.

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This baby fits 75oz.  That’s over 1/2 gallon. Now THAT is what I call a teapot!

Buying it next paycheck! **rubs hands**





In my opinion Pigged-out Fat is NOT sexy, OK!

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Sexy. Pretty. Gorgeous. Healthy.

Please do not argue about those terms.

It is a matter of perspective. Pointing out a 300lbs woman and calling her sexy is your right. It is also entirely your right to BE 300lbs.

It is not OK to try to tell me what I should and should not consider **points-up** “Sexy. Pretty. Gorgeous. Healthy.”

So for all those harping on me for not being shy about saying what I like.



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