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January 9, 2013

German porn.

Watching… this is weird… Plot rotates around a couple spicing up their love-life by secretly and quietly shagging in public places. He is bald and makes angry faces and gets carried away. She is creepy and tries to maintain eye-contact  while making a “scared face.”

1980s? lovely scenery keeps changing… remove the two shagging cretins and it would be a lovely special on scenery in south-western France.




I think I know what they mean by Scheisse, ja…


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“thank you for ramming my fruit, Sir!”


(from conversation with a coworker who gave me RAM to upgrade my mac-mini)

January 7, 2013

I always wanted to pee off of Mackinac Bridge. I have no idea why.

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on happiness

“Make yourself happy” they say. “Make yourself happy before you try making someone else happy.”
That is a serious misconception, because, you see, if you are happy, the very last thing you would need is someone else to “share it with.” If you are happy, you would not be rocking the proverbial boat.
You can try deflecting this, or drowning this in some hippy-dippy pseudo-philosophical mumbo fucking jumbo. In fact, you WILL do with this as you are pleased. Truth of the matter of “happy relationship” never changed. If you manage to make yourself happy while single – you will stay that way, happy and single. And when a couple find means of keeping themselves content (happy) – they do what they can to uphold that mutual benefit. Ok? That’s the simple truth of the matter.

And if you find yourself in an ending relationship where your significant “soon to be ex” drops this turd of an excuse in your drink (the “you need to learn to be happy by yourself before you make someone else happy”), you have all the rights to retort back with equally foul fling of a “You have failed to make me happy. I need to find someone who will not fail me like you did.”

Hey, they are trying to be selfish and hang shit on you by smearing this bullshit excuse onto your goggles? Fuck ’em! They deserve a perspective introduction. You do not need to play nice. Don’t let them turn your head inside out. They will not try making themselves happy in solitude like they just asked you to do. That advice is crap. Call them out on it. And leave that ball in their court when you shut the door in their face.  You do not have to be polite, but you have to be civil.

January 5, 2013

awesomeness overwhelming!

January 2, 2013


Sometimes people end their comments with “Just my 2cp” (my two copper pence).
I just came across an alternate end comment which made me chuckle.

“Just my 2.57 Kazakhstan Tenge worth…”

January 1, 2013

I hate commercials…

Occasional genius strikes and something lands in my field of vision that causes me to chuckle.


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