my brain just threw up a little…

February 28, 2013

yep. good luck, Nick.

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sleep on this

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Someone I know posted an image that reads “never regret anything, because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.”
I call bullshit. In any eventuality things happen that are not wanted, not expected, and not welcomed. Not having regrets does not make a person better somehow. It makes a person into a lousy learner who lives their life with no regret and therefore no consideration for others. Bad things, you see, they happen in interactions between people, and if you plan things “the way you wanted,” there are two possibilities. Things work out exactly the way you wanted and you are not the one dealing with “bad things.” If that’s the case and you do not see how your plans hurt someone, then you are selfish and cruel. Second possibility is that “bad things” are happening to you. Not regretting those bad things happening to you makes you unable or unwilling to deal with said bad things. That makes you a lousy learner.

ah, my most favorite kid!

If you do not know what this is about – Borderlands 2. It is very much fun. And this little critter is named Tiny Tina. She is everything Tank Girl wants to be, except with less bullshit and more explosions… oh, and a lazy eye! This kid is a love. If I was guaranteed to have a daughter like that – I’d consider getting married. Neah, that’s too expensive.


February 25, 2013


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just like this headache, you will go away. and just like this headache, you will return. no point being angry with you. all i need to do is hydrate and eat my pill. go be someone else’s headache. also, you are fat now. good day.

February 18, 2013

yeah, don’t do this!

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February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines lol

February 13, 2013

pissing and moaning

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I just looked at the top fifty or so posts on FB… bitching, moaning, whining, and pissing boiling water. 90% of it all!


lol FB = complaint central. Share some joy that contains intelligent thought. Not the “omgcats” or some other fuckery. And even if cats, share the ones that live in your house or something. Oh and… for the love of things shiny, please stop telling me how OK you are with your body-type. It makes me think that you really are NOT OK with your body-type and need two support groups, one for your self-confidence and another for your body. Just be OK with it and stop pissing boiling water about it. You are as beautiful as you are. Live your life and stop listening to media, assholes, and asshollettes. Listen to yourself, not your excuses! Make yourself happy by eating a few pounds of chocolate and strangling some assholes! You will feel so much better.Prayers – you can believe what you want to believe and it is great! It is a freedom you have. I too have freedoms. Would you really want to get un-friended because I have exercised my freedom to get tired of gods, ghosts, “goddesses female power prevailing over patriarchal decay and oppression,” or any other hippy-dippy horseshit that gives you some direction in your life? Here is a thought – introspection! It is the newest thing! Self examination is the key to knowing yourself. Unfortunately for most people it is as impossible as going down on one self. (please note – just because you can go down on yourself, does not imply that you have mastered this introspection thing)

Everyone is opinionated, and it is great to be opinionated. It is fantastic to have your own mind about things. But when it comes to having an intelligent measured discussions, one of the following things will happen.

1. Opinion end up having no backing of facts and factual information. It is a misinformed, hyped representation of someone else’s agenda, and your interlocutor will be clinging on to it like grim fucking death.

2. Your opinion, fact-based or not, falls to some attention-starved tit who thrives on reaffirming his/her station in life by proving you wrong, no matter what manner of hideous sophism it takes. Yeah, fuck that.

3. Person you are speaking with will do their best to try to “convert” you to their opinion by means of emotional guilt-trip and often not too subtle threat of angry rejection under pretense of some vague prior agreement of “playing nice!” (read “eating their shit with a wooden spoon of their choosing”)

4. And lastly – trolls. Because, you know, being a cock to someone for no reason other than your own entertainment. Because, you know, internets. Hmm… ok. carry on. you must have a very reliable network of friends who really like you acting like a putz (or a horrible bitch, depending on your gender, right?), so when you get your fame as an unpleasant person with little regard for others “because internets” you will have all these friends to hold you close lolright?

Intelligent thought? anyone? Bueller?


February 12, 2013

Years ago a friend got me hooked on this graphic novel… I can still taste it.

(from Transmetropolitan written by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, and published by DC Comics ’97-’02)

February 10, 2013

dogs and apples

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One dog, grabs thrown half of an apple and chomps it down in three bites.

Second dog headbutts thrown half apple. Half apple falls on linoleum (cut-side down). Dog is trying to figure out how to pick it up.


Sandwich Joe WAS real! I knew it!

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