my brain just threw up a little…

March 5, 2014

Jay, this one is for you

Conversation with a coworker

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Me: everyone is happy

Me: next – Peace in MiddleEast

Me: lolno

Me: sorry

Coworker: HA!

Coworker: np

Me: Peace in MiddleEarth

Coworker: Better

Me: yep. would be remarkably easy

Me: Jewish and Orcish population would switch places and everyone is happy

Coworker: Nice

Me: Sauron would get voted out, Sharon would get voted in, and all the hobbits would go kosher

Me: I can’t wait to see a Dwarven rabbi

Coworker: Oy Vey, Gandolf would have such a fit

Me: no he won’t! He’d be too busy laughing at orcs trying to convert to islam


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