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April 25, 2014

From an earlier conversation with a friend who was angered by some folk

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“…think of your enemies suffering from dysentery. Visualize them gasping for air in convulsive throws of debilitating bowel cramps. Cherish every moment of their white-fisted dry-heaving anal screams. Indulge in their every tear for soon they will dry with fever and be washed away with cold sweat, as Death’s cold hand will grope their shivering knobs to drag them off to that special place where they will stay frozen in perpetual shitty fucking cramp.
(feeling better?)
(ok, there is more)
Entertain the idea of your enemies getting seduced by thrills and dangers of traveling by sea, so they would get washed up on the shore of some unfriendly island filled with cannibals and their amazingly unpleasant and ugly children, all sick with dementia from eating their cousins.
Oh what feast will they be a part of…
(any better?)
(still feeling a bit off?)
(well, here, this should cheer you up)
Humans are social creatures, and once devoid of needed social interaction they are prone to losing what you would call “touch with reality.”
This fate has befallen our good gentleman, and being out of touch with reality while still thinking himself a doctor (inspite of what those Committee fools had said), he planned to improve the very condition of human interaction
And so he trapped himself your most prized three enemies…
and eventually this three became stars of this film…
“Human Centipede”


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