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January 25, 2016

smart weapons?

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Some time ago I have read this book called Boomer Bible (ISBN978-1563050756 if you are interested). I remembered a few quotes from it, and this particular quote stood out in my memory:

When he had come upon 
the earth, the b ape was 
naked and afraid. For comfort he 
picked up a 'stick, chewed the 
end to a point, and d stuck it in a 
nearby living thing'. 

2 When the living thing died, 
transfixed by the stick, the ape 
ate of its flesh and soon con- 
ceived a great hunger for the 
death of 'other living things. 

3 8 Thereupon the ape made 
many pointed sticks and stuck 
them into great multitudes of 
h other living things, including, 
on occasion, 'other apes.

This popped up in my memory when I stumbled upon a news article about people protesting development of autonomous weapon systems.

They worry about smart weapons? Oh do shut up! I am not even going to post any of the links with info relating to landmines.
Yeah, stop worrying so god damn much about “smart” weapons and worry about dumb area-denial weapons.
Landmines should be outlawed. ALL of them.

Neat space NASA stuff

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January 22, 2016

Stephen Fry has naked images too

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Image snapped from “Sherlock Holmes; Game of Shadows” released in 2011. (

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