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May 21, 2019

On wars

May 7, 2019

Breast implants are bad, mmkay?

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Breast implants have zero medicinal value. They are cosmetic. Having a glorious pair of boobs that look stellar outside the package is not at all undesired by those of us equipped with boobs (and by those considering them as a mod). However, breast implants can and often do pose health risk. Cancers and toxic silicon gunking up the boob-werks and whatnot. So how about NOT having fake boobs? I mean, regular plain breast is fine, no really. Some breasts are harder to manage and may require surgical involvement to make life easier for the owner. That too is understandable. But the implants… that’s just silly. People should not be doing that.
Side thought: breast implants can be used to stop violent demonstrations. Airdrop a bunch on violent protesters. Some will get knocked over and will have no reason to get up because they will have all the funbags to play with, and everyone else will stop acting angry because no one can be angry when covered in tits.

May 1, 2019

ask for a pony

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“It turns out, they don’t allow horses in my apartment building. Even when I try to claim it’s a helper horse”

(co-worker on a Sunday)

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