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August 28, 2011

Mook vs Schmuck

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Yeah, you are both, and this whole thing is the result of your own internal conflict.

She is a great girl.

She is complicated.

She is selfish.

She is good looking

She knows her own worth.

She is more adventurous than you can handle.

She is so much more than a sad momser like you ever have and ever will deserve…

and YOU dumped her?


tell you what, if I wasn’t all bum over eyebrow for another woman, I would seduce this one. In a fucking heartbeat! Teeth on her neck, growl, drag to cave, shag silly, and worship for the next 100 years.

and YOU… the ever insolent fucking twat… YOU dumped her?


you have made your own bed, dude.

I am not going near her with my affection, simply because I am taken and she deserves better than both you and I have combined.

you blew it.

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