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October 22, 2011

youtube fails not to fail… or something

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Dear YouTube,

please stop hurting my brain. A day doesn’t go by that I manage to avoid some horrible proof that we (humans) are really and truly a lost cause. We have too much time on our hands. We are NOT a trustworthy bunch. We eat our young! We do really dumb things like turning a bunch of tampons into a flute and ruining a piece of music with it.

No, seriously! Visualize this conversation:

“Herr Beethoven. About 100 years after you die, some medic will invent this device for ladies… a wadded up cotton roll that they will shove into their… um… vaginas, to prevent leakage when they bleed, see? To make insertion easier, these cotton rolls will be inserted by means of a thick paper tube, you see? Like a miniature musket. Bear with me, this is really important. Less than a hundred years after this cotton-roll-plug-device is invented, some woman will use these thick un-used papertubes to make a panflute, see? And on this instrument she will perform this exquisite bit from this lovely symphony you have written last night, and it will sound just atrocious, Mein Herr.”

“Ich kann Sie nicht hören!”

“Ah! Können Sie mich jetzt hören?”

And had he any notion of what was being said, he would have scrapped the whole 5th…


(“i can’t hear you!” – “Ah! can you hear me now?”)

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