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November 24, 2011

you are what you eat…

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“In commercial production, breeder farms supply eggs to hatcheries. After 28 days, the hatched poults are sexed and delivered to the grow-out farms; hens are raised separately from toms because of different growth rates. Rations generally include corn and soybean meal, with added vitamins and minerals, and is adjusted for protein, carbohydrate and fat based on the age and nutrient requirements. Hens are slaughtered at about 14 weeks and toms at about 18 weeks.

The dominant commercial breed is the Broad-breasted Whites (similar to “White Holland”, but a separate breed), which have been selected for size and amount of meat. Mature toms are too large to achieve natural fertilization without injuring the hens, so their semen is collected, and hens are inseminated artificially. Several hens can be inseminated from each collection, so fewer toms are needed. Breeders’ meat is too tough for roasting, and is mostly used to make processed meats.”

I found this to be most amusing. We are indeed what we eat.

Happy Turkey Day!


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