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November 30, 2011

on debunking myths

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“You know what I find is a great way to debunk bullshitters?

Serious Debate.

It’s not enough to call out bullshitters in public since any thug in a pub can do that.
What you need to be able to do is call them out in public and force them to cite the facts or reproduce the circumstances that lead them to make their proclamation.

Now there are many people who preach myths from an ignorant but well meaning stance (homeopathy, anyone?) and there are many who spread vicious lies and propaganda and who hide behind the veils of “freedom of speech” and “Just reporting the facts as they are seen.” but whatever you think of those people, it’s important to debunk them without malice.
Kindness and politeness is very helpful at this point because after all, these narrow minded people have never heard of the phrase “You Anticipate Of Others What You Know About Yourself”. (In other words, because they lie, they expect everyone else to be trying to lie too. They think that how they are is absolutely normal. The ego on these idiots…).

It’s really important to be honourable at this point because you risk them accusing you of political partisanship and if these people truly are lying arseholes, don’t be shocked by what they come up with to destroy your argument.
He or she might be a motherfucking corporate sponsored global warming denialist and a homophobic liar who fucks their mother twice daily, but unless you can provide evidence of the motherfucking, you’d best shut up.

If you stammer, if you misphrase a term or if you state something as fact when that fact has changed, they will use every syllable you uttered to bury you.

Example: “My brothe- I mean, my half-brother Saif was occupied in Iraq where he said he won a silver star for bravery and being wounded and all and I think he’s a really good guy!” becomes:
“Pundit Declares That His Gay Muslim Brother Earned Purple Star! Pentagon Denies Claim!!”

So don’t be afraid to stand up and be their enemy. Present facts and be prepared for a lively debate. Just remember: Never ever get personal and bring facts like you’d bring a gun to a shootout.”

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