my brain just threw up a little…

July 23, 2009

on dreams

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It is not the best idea to leave your nicotine patch on your skin when you go to bed. Most people I spoke with who managed to do that actually ended up having some very interesting active dreams. Some even said that they have left the patch on to get those dreams. I think my dreams from last night are induced by that stupid patch. At least I tell myself that they are because I refuse to think that my brain would ever produce anything THAT crazy. Oh well… Maybe my brain is really misfiring and dreams of this sort are always there, and I just manage to remember them clearly? I never had dreams based on Terry Pratchett writing. I am a big fan of his work though. I have no other explanation for Stoneface Vimes narrating my dream like some Ghostly Faustus walking me through the cobblestones of city sealed in a glass box. Way, WAY weird. There were foxes too… the talking kind. **shrug** more later…

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