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December 27, 2011

Erectile Confession

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From an earlier conversation with a friend:

me: is this wrong?

Friend: ?

me: is this so bad?
does this make me a BAD MAN ?

Friend: what? does what?

me: I was reading this news article
and it gave me wood
i am a bad man

Friend: haha, it depends, what part gave you wood

me: yes

Friend: If I was a guy, and could get wood, it was this part…
“The military tortured me, labeled me a prostitute and humiliated me by forcing on me a virginity test conducted by a male doctor where my body was fully exposed while military soldiers watched,”
o no, Im a bad man too!

me: I am blogging this

Friend: o gods!
the answer is, yes
you are a horrible, vile man

me: aye

Friend: exactly the kind of man my daddy warned me about while growing up

me: that’s me

Friend: and that is why I love you to pieces!

me: careful with the L-word there, Lady

Friend: hey now, I just mean, in that friend-way

me: nod

Friend: I gotta run, im picking up my sister’s dirty laundry

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