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July 24, 2009

a complaint?

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oh dear… you complained to me that you do not understand what it is that I write about. I am not sorry. I write this bleargh because… nono, wait, not “because” but “what for” – it is a better question to ask when you are trying to get to reasons and motivations/motives behind things. What am I writing this for? I am writing all this to satisfy the urge of being creative and to vomit this venomous dislike for humans onto this screen, rather than in the face of those around me. I know I am a bitter old son of a bitch, but I care for my friends and family too much to get in their shit with both feet and do a jig while telling them about their shortcomings. Besides, I have plenty of my own shortcomings to deal with. That’s what I am writing all this for. And I ended that with a preposition. You do not like it? That’s just too damn bad. Get a sock.

So as you can see, I only need to justify my writ to myself. You feel like complaining to me? That’s just tough. Go hug a moving train.

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