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December 28, 2011

Honor meme, anyone? SOUPPAKU!

Filed under: commentary,Daily Crazies,QOTD — Sol @ 11:09 am

The only way this man will restore his honor is by televised seppuku. Using one of those devices he failed to deliver on time. There is one problem. His spelling is so bad – he will bukake himself instead of seppuku.

It is neither a seppuku. nor a bukake. It is a… SOUPPAKU! To restore ones honor lost in denizens of internets, one kills him/herself with an open can of cold noodle-soup in a slow and intentionally sexy way. If It does not result in a video sexy enough to be used by others as an aid for sexual gratification (porn), then his/hers honor is further besmirched, universe as we know it ends because of Rule 34 Fail, and economy is further ruined because soup sales drop.

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