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December 30, 2011

Mythbusters please?

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A co-worker just dropped this copy-pasta on me:


I  used to work at a bar and had Friday morning cleaning detail after $7  all-you-can-drink Thursdays.  One Friday I opened up and walked in to a  thick, really sour, pungent funk in the air.  There was usually some  isolated puke, but this was worse.  I began my usual routine starting at the front door (easiest area),  working back towards the bar, and finally ending with the restrooms.  It  wasn’t until I made it into the hallway leading to the restrooms that I  found the source.  There was shit covering the wall, starting around  waist height and splattering up from there.  WTF?  How could this have  happened?  I scraped it off the best I could with a cardboard box and  bleached the wall.  Unfortunately it didn’t end there.  I opened the  door to the women’s restroom and was hit with a blast of warm, moist  air.  I could taste it.  Whoever was responsible finished emptying their  bowels all over the floor and walls of the bathroom.  It was all I  could do to keep from covering the shit-covered bathroom in puke.  I didn’t learn the backstory until that evening.  One of the local  college girls (who were notorious for taking laxatives to maintain their  weight) had an explosive shit hit her as she was waiting in line to use  the restroom.  Her pants were so tight that the shit squeezed out the top of her jeans and sprayed up her back and onto the wall. Apparently it came in waves, and she ended up shitting all over the  floor/walls of the bathroom as well.  Apparently she was fairly good  looking… the coworker relaying the details finished the story with a  wink and a grin, “I would have wiped her down and taken her home.”  Egh.

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