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January 23, 2012

For EVE playing individuals – I am stuck in worm-hole instances.

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I can totally see myself leaving ejected cans in that cold unfriendly worm-hole instance space. Cans containing messages (not unlike those message-bottles left by sailors who are about to hit the drink) that read “I am out of ammo… pirates everywhere… it’s been my 18th month by the last count… I am out of new skills because I’ve maxed them all out… yesterday some insolent bastard stole my last scanner-probe and I laughed at me when I asked for water and/or directions… all these …s are not because I am lacking of things to say – this is the text that gets washed away with my manly tears and… perhaps I could eject myself out of the airlock to end it all… better not… last can I ejected contained my heart-breaking plea for help, and it got immediately sucked into a worm-hole that disappeared before I could cover the measly 2km separating me from what could very well been a way back home… I hope this can collides with a ship ran by whoever invented worm-hole trav….” (this is where message ends because the rest of the can is filled with frozen tears.)


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