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January 26, 2012

Who says I cannot write like an emo!?

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“World is a cruel mistress who plucketh shine of joy from my no longer youthful brow with harpy-like claws of cruel indifference and bad food. Woe onto me for trusting an order from a sales nUb! Grief and misery to which I have succumbed drags me into abysmal dismay, where I surely be crushed and my no longer bleeding emaciated heart will break its way out of my breathless chest, drawing starved entrails in its wake, like some nightmarish cheerleader escaping filth-filled commode with a macabre garland of used tissue stuck to its dirty bare foot… … bitches.”

(from an earlier conversation with a co-worker, whose department’s order had me on something of a wild goose-chase for over an hour)

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