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February 24, 2012

from earlier conversation with a friend

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Me:    we need more snow

Me:   I want 5-6ft of heavy white stuff for the next month

Me:   So I could build a Fort

Me:   and richly decorate it with inappropriate shapes

F:   That would be pretty awesome.

F:   Personally, i just want a chance to go sledding and make snow totoros

Me:   um YEAH! 16ft tall phallic tower with two igloos butted up at the base of it, both covered in miniature ice-crab statues poised as if they are attacking each other. Left igloo team appears to be winning . All surrounded by a poorly shaped wall that would appear to look like a bunched up pair of boxers when viewed on aerial photograph. Igloo on a right has a yellow fresco depicting Kiera Knightly defecating off the edge of a USS Enterprise… we just need more snow!

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