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February 28, 2012

random conversation with a smoker

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you are too fat, do something!
hint – smoking helps. Besides it makes you look cool.
like a camel.
did you know that camels regurgitate their food from one of their stomach chambers and re-chew it.
No wonder they smoke! They HAVE to smoke to get that taste out of their mouths!

Winston-Salem Co (makers of Camel brand) are not targeting the right audience with their commercials. Their iconic cartoon we came to know as “Joe Camel” always has something dreadfully “guido” about his appearance, you expect him to act like a younger version of a soon-to-be a wise guy.
It was a very poor choice on their part, very poor.
Their target audience could’ve been broaden by doing the following:
A) Instead of a Cool Camel they should’ve used a Wild Boar. It is more fitting to a larger segment of our overweight population.
B) Make brighter packs with flowers on one side, and a random message on the other. Random, as in constructed from random buzzwords. As in “Killed a man today terabyte gloss.” “She is stronger than some opinionated pig miles per hour energy feminine.”
C) rename the brand. “BACON”

see? losing weight already warming recyclable protest.

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