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February 28, 2012

Yo momma?

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* The Dutch phrase for giving too much attention to insignificant details is “ant fucking”.
* Afrikaans: “Jou mammie naai vir bakstene om jou sissie se hoerhuis te bou Vieslik!” your mother engages in prostitution in order to raise funds for the building materials necessary to construct a brothel from which your sister will operate.

* German: “backpfeifengesicht” – a face in need of slapping

* Finnish: “Kyrpä otsassa” – a vulgar way to say you’re incredibly annoyed. It means that you have a dick in your forehead (should be visualized as hanging forward, rather than actually in your forehead, for some reason).

* Finnish: “pilkunnussija” – a comma fucker; someone who corrects little or meaningless things.

* Spanish: “Está tratando de cagar mas alto de lo que le da el culo” – He’s trying to shit higher than his ass can reach.

I am actually amused with Finnish “pilkunnussija.” It is a fine word, the only trouble is – I fear that people trying to smartly use it covering their shoddy spelling will fail to spell it correctly.

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