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August 15, 2012

random from earlier

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Friend and I see a girl across the sidewalk. She just walked out of some small store on the main drag while stuffing a book into her hand bag. She looked up, threw us a quick smile and walked away. She walked with a short, strong, stamping step. Not toeing. Face with eyes accustomed to anger. Nicotine stain on left hand, but purse is in the right. She wore wrong size shoes (man’s converse, boyfriend?). Not fat or chubby, but with muffintops and shrunken calf (thick knee, recently lost a ton of weight I’d bet). There was a pair of loud sunglasses on top of her head like hairband (gaudy even for elvis). Book that she was stuffing into her bag was a red paperback with golden cursive on the shredded spine. Cracked screen on her cell, and a pack of Newports-box were almost falling out. Estimated age – 30. Occupation – waitress? No ring, just weird wire-jewelry.

“Do you know her?” asks friend

“No. Just a random face, why?”

He jokingly raises and wiggles eyebrow.

I shake my head and go back to my bubble-tea, secretly hoping that he will forget my staring at the woman and let it go before I have to explain why I am not interested.

He presses. I bounced back with “she looks like she is married” knowing full well that she is not.

Oh well. Maybe he is right. Maybe I over-analyse everything and that’s my downfall in relationships.

Although I have to agree with another friend who (bless her heart) told me “You know what you are dealing with. You see things just fine! Act on it. You see bullshit – call it! Don’t wait for them to just use you while you are hoping for some miracle to happen. They will use you if you let them.”

Looking back (20/20) at past relationships I have to agree with what she said.

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