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September 25, 2009

fever and dreams

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slopes covered with bodies. nothing dead though, they are all alive, just climbing this steep as fuck slippery slope. some dressed, some not, some wear jewelry, others are just decorated with lean oiled sculpted muscles. Some use golden dollar signs as climbing anchors, others use ropes weaved out of long papyrus of pedigree going back millennium, yet others sport sharp white teeth and perfectly symmetrical seal of genetic perfection on their bodies. And not one is getting ahead of their time. This is like a slow and torturous variation of synchronized climbing instead of swimming. And not one smile, not one gleam of happiness, not a shade of contention or joy.

This is not an endless climbing straight line path for all those on the slope. Some freeze after a while, freeing up space for the next that takes over their path. This just goes the fuck on…

Yes, this really was a preposition ending that sentence. Fuck off! (this was an exclamation and a fragment)

Waking up mid-day with this sweaty sticky fucking fever, with this gut-wrenching dream was NOT what I wanted to do today. At least the fever is down.

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