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September 30, 2009

new season of HouseMD, episode one

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I was going to title this simply “House” but Haus might look and get confused. I rather not trouble that one, good fellow he is.

Long crazy episode. I did not expect they would just run him through the nuthouse in one episode, but ok. So what now? Producers are done amusing viewers with this Old House. Now is the time for a New House. A much gentler, nicer, caring creature. A real doctor who is taking his meds, cares for patients not just by curing them but also by shedding a tear and having real feelings for them. And none of those BAD feeling! All GOOD feelings, like what humans should have, you know? The “softer” side of House. Just like that commercial. Nono, not THAT commercial you are thinking about because it actually jingles “… softer side of Sears”,  but THAT commercial because I think it is now targeting same audience. You know, that audience targeting the ones who might come to the softer side of House. They already have the ruffians and hooligans on the hook with Bad House. Now we are playing the Good House.

I wonder if House will be finding god before the end of season two.

I will watch this, but with a whole new interest in the show. I wonder how far they will take the “softer side of House.” What will this be? I am no longer amused by this. Now this is going to be like watching a pooh-fucking-bear cartoon. It is all nice and soft and almost cuddly. Bear and donkey schlopping about, trying to get some honey and counting stars. All is fine except every time you see a donkey you expect to see an exotic dancer blowing that donkey while bear is getting it from behind. And when that doesn’t happen, you feel disappointed. Except it is still the same cartoon. Same with HouseMD. Except now he is that donkey. … and on head-meds. bravo. Now every housewife (what a pun!) will absorb her commercials so much better because House is far FAR more understandable to the softer side.

Hey, I wonder, what will be sold during House shows? Obviously this goes to the highest bidder and changes with channel.  It is ok though. This is what I will do. I will watch this HouseMD, and I will make a list of ALL the products being advertised. I will never buy any of those products. Ever. Because these scumfucks ruined my favorite AssholeMD. They made that into a Softer and more pliable Asshole (gods that did not come out right At All!)… they ruined my show, I am not giving them any money! Fuck off!

Too early to say anyway, I should not be going off about this. Maybe there is hope, and asshole will come back swinging! Still not buying any products advertised during that show. Fuck the lot of them!

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